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    The antichrist system

    in Religion

    Jesus is coming and so is the antichrist. You have to make a choice now who you will serve. The antichrist system has been in the world for thousands of years and it is now being revealed by the Lord Jesus. Get ready for an explosive word that will change the way you see the antichrist and give you a reality check.

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    Episode 3193 - Dawn of the Antichrist - Mr 666 - John Torell

    in Spirituality

    Episode 3193 - Dawn of the Antichrist - Mr 666 Pastor John Torell www.eaec.org

    Recorded 1-13-2016 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

    Description: One day Satan is going to use the Antichrist to control the world's population through basic necessities such as food and lodging. This scenario could not have occurred 1,900 years ago when the apostle John received the revelation because the world was fragmented into small local economies and the tools and technology needed by the Antichrist were not yet in existence. The Antichrist system described in the Book of Revelation needs a global economy, computers and a personal identification number. Unseen powers from Satan are putting together the final pieces for a World Federation and the ramifications are staggering. The world's religions will be merged into one. Nations will give up their sovereignty and all business will take place through a microchip implanted under the skin. The Antichrist is not going to come to power in one day. It will be a gradual process that involves economic collapse, food shortage and civil unrest. The Bible doesn't tell us to surrender to the Antichrist; instead, we are to fight with spiritual weapons in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be an unparalleled time to minister to the hurting and offer them the hope of the Gospel! Keywords: Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, RLJC, Sacramento, Bible, John S. Torell, operating in the spirit realm, dawn of the antichrist, antichrist, control the world, economic collapse, food shortage, civil unrest, global economy, personal identification number, world federation, one world religion, national sovereignty, microchip implanted under the skin, gradual process, fight with spiritual weapons, power of the Holy Spirit, minister to the hurting, hope of the gospel Link: http://www.eaec.org/sermons/2014/RLJ-1439.htm

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    The Antichrist spirit.

    in Religion

    Revelation concerning the antichrist will help us to identify what the system of the man of sin will be like. Many don't know that this system is already in the world. Get ready for a powerful teaching.

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    The Churches of the Antichrist

    in Spirituality

    This is an urgent warning and message for the church of Christ.  Marcos dissects the evil Illuminati agenda, which predicted how they would infiltrate Evangelical churches in order to corrupt them.  Many churches have already become the Bride of Antichrist rather than the Bride of Christ they were called to be.  Join us today for this important topic and update in this very last hour in which we live.

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    Antichrist Rising: Identifying False Voices in the Last Days

    in The Bible

    The Apostle John told the believers of his day not to believe every spirit, but to test the spirits to see whether they were from God (1 John 4: 1).  That same admonishment still applies to believers today.  Recently, Pope Francis toured the United States, and, not long after that, Farrakhan and thousands of others, including at least one very well-known Christian preacher, convened in Washington, D.C., on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March declaring Justice or Else! for Black Americans.
    When so many voices are speaking, it is critical for God’s people to know how to process them.  Join us for a discussion entitled “Antichrist Rising: Identifying False Voices in the Last Days.”  Our desire is to help you understand the times in which we live and to provide guidance on how to walk victoriously within them.

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    The War of the Antichrist

    in Current Events

    Marcos explores the ideology of Islam and how it may play out in the "end times."  He examines the agenda of the Illuminati, the Globalist Elite, and the Powerful and Rich to enslave the commoner in Marxism, socialism, and in wars.  This agenda is the prelude to the war of the Antichrist against Israel.  


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    The Coming Antichrist World System (Part 5)

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Revelation 18:20-24

    Today, we are going to continue looking at the destruction of the antichrist world religious system which will be coupled with a materialistic economic system during the end times. As you will recall from our previous message, the world will be in an uproar over the fall of the Babylonian economic entity which will make it possible for many to live lavishly even as the world will be going through the darkest days it has ever seen. This idolatrous world system will ultimately be wiped out by the judgment of God, and all those who trusted in it -- even some Christians, as this chapter indicates -- will suffer great loss.

    Notice the words directed to God's people during the destruction of Babylon: "Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her." One of the reasons why Babylon is judged so harshly is because of her persecution of God's people. Verse 24 tells us that in Babylon "was found the blood of prophets, and of saints." Because of the evangelistic outreach of the 144,000 Jews during the end times, there will be many who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and who will refuse to live by the antichrist world system. They will refuse to go along to get along. And many of them will be imprisoned and killed for their faith.


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    Three Stages of Jihad, Sarin Gas & Obama the Counterfeit Antichrist

    in Christianity

    LIVE @8:00 PM CST on PROPHECY QUAKE, we will look at the truth about Islam and the three stages of Jihad as it relates to the rise of the Antichrist kingdom. There is so much misinformation about Bible prophecy being thrown around the internet. We will show how Obama is not the Antichrist, but he is a counterfeit to bring in the REAL "Man of Sin" that will appear to be a man of peace, (working miracles) who has come to save us from the chaos. We will look at a major confirmation of a prophetic word the Lord Jesus gave me back in April 2015. We must take heed and stay true to the Word of God in the Bible or we will be deceived by the false christs and false prophets! To listen by phone call 347-884-8566 and text Kevin at 334-524-2809 if you want to comment on the air. 

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    Discerning the Seductions of Antichrist

    in Spirituality

    TMonday's show uploaded early. Paul & Linda use Deuteronomy chapter 13 to teach you how to discern if a prophet, dreamer, or word giver is legit. It all depends on who or what the prophet or word points to or glorifies regardless if the dream, word, sign or wonder is actually real and comes true. Using Gospel of John chapter 18, they show you how Yeshua used signs, wonders, words, and prophecies to glorify the Father. Yeshua could not be killed based on a violation of Judean law (God's own law) of leading others astray from the commandments of God through the use of signs and wonders in violation of Deut. 18. They show you how Roman law of Caesar worship mimics God's law of His worship, and how Antichrist will do the same thing in the last days. He will cause those who try to place another king in his place will be put to death. We must recognize and discern how the Seducing Spirit of signs and wonders works so that we can avoid being tested in our devotion and love for Father.

  • Expectations of the Antichrist with Dr. Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen

    in Current Events

    Ron Matsen and Dr Chuck Missler will guide us in to this interesting study about the coming World leader commonly referred to as " The Antichrist " . We will explore session2 of this interesting material " Expectation of the Antichrist "



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    The Coming Antichrist World System (Part 3)

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Revelation 17:12-18

    So far, we have looked at the rise of the Babylonian religious system that will come to power in the end times. This antichrist world religion will even have power and influence over the political/military rule of the antichrist. Today, we are going to begin looking at the fall of this antichrist system. As Dr. Tim Lahaye and Dr. Ed Hindson remind us, "Despite what some may think, it is no small matter that the harlot occupies two long chapters toward the end of Revelation. 'The picture of the woman as utterly evil signifies spiritual adultery, portraying those who outwardly and religiously seem to be joined to the true God, but who are untrue to this relationship.'"

    Our text for today begins by telling us about the "ten kings" who have not received their kingdom yet. Thus, they are future rulers. Henry Alford said, "They are ten kingdoms which shall arise out of the fourth great kingdom there: ten European powers, which in the last time, in concert with and subjugation to the antichristian power, shall make war against Christ. In the precise number and form here indicated, they have not yet arisen... What changes in Europe may bring them into the required tale and form, it is not for us to say." Many believe the forerunner of these ten nations -- a revived form of the Roman Empire -- is today's European Union. It is interesting to note that the European Union began when six nations gathered in Rome to sign a treaty which formed the European Economic Community. That treaty is called the Treaty of Rome.