Saturday Morning Smoothie

Saturday Morning Smoothie


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We continue with evidence and suggestions how nutrition fights cancer

This is part three of the war on Cancer using nutrition.

Nutrition is key to prevention, health, and healing. This episode is part 2, which discusses solutions for healing and preventing cancer

Nutrition is key to maintain a healthy body. Today we start a series. Cancer and there a connection. Today we start to look at some evidence based studies and some personal testimonials. Nutrition is POWERFUL. I recommend... more

Should we continue to follow the diet outlined in Genesis 1:29? We will take a look at the orginal diet. The body was designed to live for many years~What are you doing to make sure that you receive that promise? Tune in to 'Saturday... more

Belly Fat, visceral fat, middle age spread. Whatever you call has to go!!! in this episode you will discover why its bad for your health and how to get rid of it. So tune in...remember knowledge is power.

Tired all the time. Weight loss stalled. Sick all the time, but doctors can't find anything wrong. You maybe toxic. There is help for you. This is a follow up to our Show "Detox Does A Body Good". It' time to get rid of the waste

Will water cure hypertension? We know that traditional medicines for hypertension only deal with the symptons. We will dig a little deeper to try and understanding what is happening. Is our body crying for Water? We will attempt to answer that... more

Join me Saturday 5/31/14 at 8:30am for the next episode of Saturday Morning Smoothie as we discuss the "C" word

I eat a balance diet; why do I need to exercise? Answers to that an more. On today's episode of Saturday Morning Smoothie.