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Rosanne Lindsay

Nature of Healing


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Are you ready to reclaim your inheritance as a self-healer? Learn the truth about your body's innate wisdom to heal itself, and unleash your inner healer.

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Renee Van Tol was born with a stronger intuition than most. Today she is an intuitive counselor and a psychic medium. She holds a degree in counseling from UCLA, which helps her deliver messages to her clients in clear and constructive... more

Tami Goldstein is a CranioSacral Therapist in Wisconsin, who is also a speaker, and author of the book, "Coming Through the Fog," a healing journey bringing her daughter back from the fog of autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Her... more

Michael Badnarik and I continue our discussion from Part I on Freedom, today, Independence Day, July 4, 2019. Michael refers to the 10 Planks of Communism and says, "The 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are operational in... more

Under mandates, do you have rights? A right to life? Do you know that the Declaration of Independence is a seccession document? Do you know the difference between Revolution and Rebellion? What is the difference between... more

Smart meters are now up close and personal, attached to your home, beaming you with electro-magnetic frequencies. Did you consent? Donna Votee is a Naturopathic doctor, Counselor of Natural Health, and storyteller. What's more,... more

What makes it possible to deliver vaccines to children in schools? The School-Located Vaccination (SLV) Program. See links that support the coming National Vaccine Program. My article on Nature Blaze, School-located National... more

As a professional muscian, Kathy Pirtle once endured a digestive disorder, Leaky Gut, and chronic pain. When push came to shove, learn how she used nutrient-densehealing foods to heal within 6 months. But the healing doesn't end... more

What is Health Freedom? Do you believe your health freedoms are protected by government? Meet Diane Miller who lives Health Freedom! Diane Miller is a Minnesota attorney who successfully helped to defend a Minnesota farmer from... more

Dr. Baerta Graff, PhD, ND, is a board-certified naturopath. She has doctorate of natural medicine, with an emphasis on energy medicine. She is a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker, lymphedema specialist, a labor/birth doula... more

Hello Healers, Learn more about Lyme disease and the natural plant healers, in Part II of a discussion with herbalist, Jean Schneider. Jean healed from a severe infection of Lyme disease using herbalism and now helps others heal from Lyme... more