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Rosanne Lindsay

Nature of Healing


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Are you ready to reclaim your inheritance as a self-healer? Learn the truth about your body's innate wisdom to heal itself, and unleash your inner healer.

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Joe Glowaki is not your typical MIllennial and you'll see why as he shared his healing journey, from a kid who was distracted and "not there" to an articulate, bright, health conscious, focused trainer and educator today. His proud parents... more

What is Freedom? Where does Freedom live? New restrictive mandates from International Treaty laws are quietly becoming the norm. Medical kidnapping of children and vaccine mandates invalidate parental rights. We have built the... more

Mass-market CBD tinctures all use CO2 as the solvent for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. However, this method does not extract all the components from the plant. Cannabis has much more to offer, namely, the... more

In this episode, we continue to discussion of the Transgender Agenda, part of the U.N. Transhumanist Agenda. We will describe bioInvasion and brech of soul integrity. This is happneing under the rise of Satanism. Stay with me till the end... more

Do you find that the world is different than you thought it was? Do you notice that people act differently? Are the laws changing faster than you can understand them? If you have been putting pieces together to see that the world is... more

Hello Healers, I want to give some backstory about The Nature of Healing and my own journey of self-healing. What challenges make us choose one way or another. I'll share my choices in healing a diagnosis of Profound... more

Karma is a bitch. But only if you are! That's becasue Karma is created in every decision we make, therefore, Karma is instantaneous. We can rewrite the narrative on Karma so that it works in our favor and for the benefit of humanity.... more

Matthew Wood, Master Herbalist is known internationally. For many years, herbalists used the model of four tissue states, based on the Western four element model. These tissue states were hot, cold, damp and dry. Then,... more

Master Herbalist Matthew Wood discusses how to connect to The Living Nature with a focus on the Green Tongue, the Language of Nature. Matthew says Nature is alive and has a soul. And we connect to the Living Nature through the... more

In Part I of 3, Master Herbalist Matthew Wood talks about his attunement to The Living Nature. He shares how he developed his connection with Nature, his early years and influential teachers, as well as his thoughts on the current state of our... more