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Tami Pepperman took Congress to court and congress was proven guilty of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. 23 | October | 2012 | Musicians for Freedom

We are honored to once again have with us Dr. Carley. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW.

Tonight, we have with us, John and Terry. They will tell their stories on the life of being a T.I, the impact and pain it has made on their lives. Also we will hear of their strenght in working to support others that have fallen prey to the same fate.

Child sexrings, human trafficing, mind control used over children in the church and military. Join us tonight with our guests. Dorothy, who was used as a child sex slave, raped the priests in church, family members and in the military. Her story... more

Tami Pepperman will be joining us tonight. A targeted individual has officially been declared an "enemy of the State". or are they just "crazy" Please join Guest Co-host Brother Drybones and myself tonight, to discuss this.

Join us tonight with our special guest Bro Watson. Who will be discussing KEMETIC YOGA AND ASTRO -THEOLOGY. Bro. Drybones will also be with us tonight.

Agenda 21 is the Blueprint for the Framework for the New World Order. Ever wonder why China's built so many new cities? No one lives in them, yet! Illegal to collect rain water in 14 States now? Gained control of your food production.... more

Back by popular demand the host of the Ron Reck Show, will be with us tonight.

Join Ron and I for another enlightening conversation with Bro.Drybones about what is going in the world. Bro. Drybones looks forward to taking your questions and comments.