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    Men Like to Chill, but Women Want a Thrill (How We Communicate)

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    As human, we have the most complexed system of Communicating on the planet.  So much gets lost in translation that it amazing that we have existed together this long.  Women say one thing, but mean another.  Men try to get a point across with as few words as possible.  There is truly a breakdown in communication between males and females, husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends that needs further exploration and explanation.  Join me for this intriguing conversation about communication in a relationship on this broadcast of Truthful Tuesday.  I promise to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

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    Dawan & Tai Tai Hosts A SUnday Morning Jam Out

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    Join Us For Some Music! www.blogtalkradio.com/chinadoll-radio   

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    Dinner and Conversation with The G.I.N. BOYz

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    Chef De serves up a delicious four corse meal while he and his guests discuss what's going on in the world today.
    Tonight Steve Jones Watson joins Chef De from the G.I.N. BOYz to talk about interracial relationships.
    Great food and great conversation with great people.
    Dinner and Conversation with The G.I.N. BOYz

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    "Honoring Your Marriage" with Pastor Kecia Sims

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    Greetings & Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" Relationship Radio Broadcast, with your Radio Personalities, Michael & Shawna Morefield, your Christian Romance Coaches.
    We are honored to bless you today on this segment, as we introduce to some and present to others, our guest speaker, Pastor Kecia Sims, from Oakland CA. This woman of God is a powerful speaker and is truly anointed for such a time as this.
    In this message, Honoring Your Marriage, you will learn that
    The objective is to "To learn the value of showing honor in marriage. To learn the importance of exemplifying characteristics that bring honor to your spouse."

    We will cover:
    Placing Value on Your Relationship
    Placing Value on Your Spouse
    The Value of Intimacy
    The Value of Sex

    By the end of the segment the callers should be able to address and/or consider these questions personally:

    1. How has or how will dishonor effect my marriage?
    2. How have my actions or behavior effected my family?
    3. Am I carrying myself in a manner that brings honor to my spouse?
    4. What character flaws that need to be addressed in order to have a healthy marriage?
    We look forward to hearing you on this segment. It will truly bless you.
    Thank you for joining us on the "The Essence of My Love Relationship Radio, with Michael & Shawna Morefield"
    God bless you!!!

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    An evening with Mr Romance

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    Tonights guest is  Peter Finch
    Peter came to Canada in 1973 after working as a Chef in London, England after working at many
    prestigious locations such as Claridges Restaurant and The Lord Mayors Residence where he
    served such guests as the Queen, Frank and Nancy Sinatra and Aristola Onassis.
    He migrated to Canada where he continued as an Executive Chef at venues such as The Old Mill,
    Lambton Golf and Country Club, as well as Richards. Richards was a venue in Mississauga
    where many singles ate and danced the night, but closed many years ago.
    He also became an entrepreneur in which he created a chocolate rose business. A romantic item
    that was a very special gift at Valentines.

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    Laws of Attraction

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    1st -Physical  
    2nd-Conversation to establish compatibility
    3rd-Mental connection  
    4th Emotional Connection 
    5th-Being Sexual
    Many people have different attraction to people –some like skin tone, body assets, personalities, demeanor, walk, talk  etc.  Some are attracted to what they do, a caring person, straight forward, aggressive, laid back, ugly but treats me right, piece of shit but the sex is good.
    Topic info shared by D'juan Smalls

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    Interacial relationshils

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    Interracial relationships and marriages are no longer illegal but Americans still have issues they face everyday when being in relationships with the opposite race and typically with their own people

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    Colee Royce Broadcasts LIVE from Broadway to the Runway!

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    Join Colee Royce as he gives you the 411 on the start of Fashion Week in Chicago!! He will be Broadcasting LIVE from Broadway to the Runway TODAY starting at 7pm right here on Blog Talk Radio!
    Find out the LATEST on Fashion week as you tune in and listen to the FABULOUS Guests that will be in attendance! So kick-off your Chicago Fashion Week with Colee Royce! ...this is sure to be a memorable episode!
    Monday, October 13, 2014
    Show Time: 5pm (Pacific) ~ 7pm (Central) ~ 9pm (Eastern)
    Call-in Number: 718-766-4343 - Press 1 if you have a comment and/or question for the Host or Co-Hosts. 
    You can also listen LIVE on any wireless device by clicking the link attached. NOTE: Your best Internet Browser for Blog Talk Radio is: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (on your wireless device) Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ms-jewcee/2014/10/14/colee-royce-broadcasts-live-from-broadway-to-the-runway

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    Dating doesn't equal a relationship

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    So you've been with your significant other for several months now (and in those rare cases years) and they still haven't alluded to the fact that they want to commit. Hopefully this episode will enlighten you as well as give you insight on the categories men and women put you in when a mutual attraction develops between the two of you.

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    The "ONE" How did or do you know when you found the "ONE"?

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    Join DaVon,Kia,Dove and Norman on The 18:21 Speak Life Radio Show this Thursday 11/17/16 @ 9:30 pm est. Our topic this week is: The "ONE" How did or do you know when you have found the one? What's the feeling??? Our special guest: Elder David A. Bush & Pastor Phyllis Lemon-Bush,and 1st Lady Rhonda Dove. To listen to the show LIVE log onto www.1821speakliferadio.com or call 619-924-9859

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    Friends of the Opposite Sex-Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda?

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    Listen to my blog, No Nonsense Telling It Like It Is, Friends of the Opposite Sex-Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda?  Should you cross that line?
    Real Talk on No Nonsense!  Visit my blog in the Dating & Relationships section of the Urban Image Magazine online at www.urbanimagemagazine.com