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All is not lost once you get a notice of default! You still have some alternatives to stop the foreclosure process. Curing a foreclosure is a little like curing cancer--the sooner you catch it, the greater your chance of survival. Homeowners have several chances to stop the foreclosure process once it's started. Real Talk Live 216 will be providing details and answers to how you can save your home and stop foreclosure. Attorney J. Norman Stark & Jim Warsing of the Ohio Mortgage Review of Cleveland, Ohio will be our special guest for the evening on the subject of: "FACING FORECLOSURE..." . This is your opportunity for you to hear and receive expert advice about a serious concern to each & everyone-FORECLOSURE Our guests will explain the entire process of mortgage default, mortage fraud, robo-signing, breaks in the chain of title, mortgage discrimination, The Homeowner Bill of Rights and much more. Our guests will explain what the legal timeline is for responsing to default notices. And,even more importantly, expalin what valid defenses can be made to defend and stop foreclosure and steps to save the home from Sheriff's sale. We will discuss what laws and legislation the federal government need to pass to help the homeowner save their home. Be sure to listen and to prepare questions for our studio guests. Don't miss this one time opportunity on RTL216.
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Now I lay me down to sleep.... If I should die before I wake? I pray the Lord, my soul to take! Okay, your soul maybe covered? BUT, what about your earthly body? Whose got that covered? YOU? Or are you leaving it for someone else... more

Email, Twitter, Instagram and Text. OMG, Sexting? Instead of asking for your business card, people ask if your business is on Facebook. Instead of asking what you do for a living, people search for your resume, title and profile on LinkedIn.... more

Oohhh... Do you remember? Billie Jean, Control, Fight the Power, Cool It Now and Roxann, Roxann!!!! Oh My God! Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson. Public Enemy. New Edition. UTFO. Yes! I remember. Well what about FUBU clothes,... more

Maya Angelou, Barbara Walters, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King. History Makers? Yes! Inspirations? Absolutely! But last time I checked, I can't call any of these people up to ask, "Should I take that job offer?" or "Do you think I'm ready... more

What is a father/daddy? Is he a protector, a punisher, a provider? Our hero? Or is he just a grumpy old man who begrudging gives us money (sometimes). I mean who is this man who helped give me life? And why is he always telling... more

You're sitting quietly at home – waiting, again, for your husband or boyfriend to come through those doors. Hopefully tonight he'll come home before 3:00am and maybe he'll even be sober. But alas, it's 3:30am and you're still... more

Dr. Maya Angelou is one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time. Hailed as a global renaissance women, Dr, Angelou is a celebrated poet but to some she is an activist, a mother, a friend, a legend, a NATIONAL TREASURE.... more

Hey Ladies! So many times we let life and it's circumstances consume us. In no specific order; the job, our men, our families. And don't even get me started on the kids. If we clone ourselves; they'd just come up with more work. Lock... more

IS HEAVEN FOR REAL? It's a question that everyone can't help but wonder: Is heaven a real place? Does heaven really exists or is it only a state of mind? What is Heaven and does it really have a stairway to actually get there? Is it... more

After the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, many felt that a new era would be dawning. One in which all people would be free from certain oppressions that continued to plague the nation even after the civil revolution of... more