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Thanksgiving can be difficult time, like any other holiday but there is always, always, always something to be THANKFUL for. Some of us are thankful for the opportunity to start over and for making it out of a miserable situation. For... more

Everything in life has a place, but most importantly everything has a rightful place especially the men. Some men have lost their way, some have never been taught how to be a man while others have abandon their post, their title and some... more

MY BEST FRIEND!! We have laughed together. We have cried together. She knows my funky. And I can tell you her foul. Our relationship is like an antique car. Sure, we got alot of miles on us baby. But like a Ford truck, we were built... more

This show is not just about the importance of voting, but we will be looking at and discussing the consequences of not casting your ballot. The reality of the election process and a look and review of the campaiging process. Most importantly we... more

Real Talk Live 216 will be having an open and honest discussion on Marriage and ask the question on How Much Is Your Marriage Worth? This is a individual and group question that only you can ask but also a conversation that needs to be... more

Real Talk Live 216 Current Event Show will be discussing issues from Zack Reed Stop & Frisk Proposal, Ebola Virus, Voter ID Law, Social Media Prenup, I Phone 6, New Annie Movie, The Upcoming Movie Dear White People, Bay Village... more

Real Talk Live 216 wants to know this evening Does The Justice & Health System Really Work. Does the Justice and Health system operates fairly or not fairly enough? Does the Justice System applies to everyone including the... more

When I first set out to start Real Talk Live 216 a scripture was spoken to me that I still can remember today and it's the same scripture that is the main premises and mission/vision of Real Talk Live 216. I do not want to get real spirtual but the... more

I'm so Cleveland" is a trend that's taking off on social media in Northeast Ohio. Individuals are sharing memories of growing up in Cleveland on Facebook and on Twitter with the hashtag #ImSoCleveland. Cleveland has definitely turned the... more

FORGIVENESS is the the key to unlocking THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS. For most of us we have been hurt by a family member, best friend, failed marriage, betrayal, cheating and even the lost of a child/parent and no matter... more