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It's going to be a massive show with the team traveling from Melbourne to Canberra for the DPRK-China match for the Asian Cup. Join the team as they give their low-down and insightful coaching advice. Plus it's been a horror... more

It's been some time since the team last did a show but this week's episode is huge! They'll be talking football, AFC Asian Cup, national politics and of course a whole lot more. With so many teams descending on Australia the team got out... more

Listeners the team at Rant n Rave Radio have another huge episode! In this show the team discuss the question: Can the Tony Abbott led Government change in 2015? It's a vexed question especially for the faceless men and women in the... more

The team at Rant n Rave Radio have been working on a blockbuster episode to herald the new year and to look back at 2014. The new year heralds something fresh and new but can the Abbott Government start anew? And then there's the... more

It's been sometime since the team at Rant n Rave Radio's The Agenda put out an epic episode - or any episode for that matter. But this afternoon they come out swinging with a huge show. After little more than a year in office the current... more

It was a sad day when Gough Whitlam passed away. He was a true giant of Australian politics. And when you list the accomplishments of his 1,071 days as Prime Minister and compare to modern politics it makes you hang your head in... more

Listeners this week's episode of Rant n Rave Radio's The Agenda is going to be huge. Of course every episode is huge but this one is particularly huge. The team are covering a range of different issues with Australia's... more

It's another week and the Australian Government continues to talk up a war in the Middle East despite polls saying people are against it. There remains serious problems for Abbott's first Budget and with less confidence in the market. It's... more

It's been another massive week in Australian politics as the government successfully passed national security legislation that extends further powers to the nation's law enforcement and intelligence agencies; without judicial oversight.... more

The Australian Government continues to assert that there is a serious terror threat to Australia and Australians. The Government continues to ignore the international communities efforts to address climate change in global terms. Unfortunately... more
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