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Zev Carlbach from Zay Jerusalem

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Well, Let me start off reminding you that it is 4am where B"H Zevi is zocheh to be living in Yerushalayim. He is learning in "The Mir". Zevi also teaches some boys in Yeshiva Sharei Tevuna, under the guidence of Harav Elya Levin Shlit"a. He is also the dorm counselor at Yeshiva Ohr David in Ramot, under Harav Yosef Granofsky and Harav Suki Berri Shlit"a. Zevi is currently taking a Life Coaching Course, I know it may sound challenging, but B"H this is not the challenge, as this is what Zevi just does naturally.

But here is the big part; Zevi is running a small organization to help young lost teenagers in E"Y (You will more of that story on how he started and all from him). For some it is just to help them succeed in Yeshiva. For some it is providing a place to sleep for a night or two and for some even more, food, tutors, and mentors to help coach them back into functioning society.