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    The temperature is rising! Sex, Drugs & Khigga! The Chaldean community has witnessed the rise of drug use in the last few years. How common is it? What are some of the causes in this rise? Iklas Bashi, a licensed counselor in the community, is our special guest to share her experience in these matters The second segment deals with sex and dating within our community. Are we too far passed the old traditions? Does our Religion play a factor anymore? Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments @ 347-857-3847.

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    Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain

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    Background: Substances of abuse are a cultural phenomenon as ancient as civilization itself. Only recently, however, have scientists begun to study their effects on us, and more specifically, their effects on our brains. Why do people get addicted to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol?  Why is it so hard to kick a habit? It stands to reason that since drug use is self-destructive, people would naturally avoid it. This obviously is not the case. What is not so obvious, however, is why people turn to addictive drugs.  People use drugs, tobacco, and alcohol to feel good, without regard to the fact that long-term effects are very bad. Research is only now showing us how genetic and environmental factors all play a part in our susceptibility to substance addiction. 
    KEY WORDS: Alcoholism, dopamine, emotional memory, neurotransmitter, physical dependence, addiction
    The Dana Sourcebook of Brain Science
    SUGGESTED RECALL QUESTIONS: 1. What percentage of Americans smoke on a daily basis? 25 percent, one in four.
    2. What percentage of American high school students use tobacco? 35 percent, more than one in three.
    3. How many adult Americans have used an illegal drug at some point in their lives?: a) 70,000 b) 700,000  c) 7,000,000 d) 70,000,000 Answer: d
    4. Can drug use modify your brain? Yes.
    5. True or false: Nicotine is NOT an addictive substance. False
    6. How can alcohol abuse affect memory loss and dementia? Alcohol abuse can lead to or increase both.

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    (Special Edition Saturday) How Drugs Affect Families ?

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    Join Baron Glass,Dr.LaSean Rinique, Aaron Hopkins and Ronald Spikes as 7:30 PM CST to talk about the following:

     How Drugs Affect Families?

    1. How a parent with  or alcohol or drugs poblems affect the whole family,

    2. How a Partner with a drug or alcohol problem affects the other partner.

    3. How a Parent's addiction may affect their son or daughter.

    4. How a son or daughter with an addiction problem affects the whole family.

    5. Family Support 

    Then we will talk about the recap of the State of The Union Address. 

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    You Discover Your Child Is On Drugs: Should You Blame Yourself?

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    "Self Medication" is the term used for illegal drug and excessive alcohol use. People in emotional pain seek to find comfort in a substance that temporarily numbs the pain. Statistics show that the majority of inmates in jail are serving time for drug related offenses. So, why are we punishing people for being in pain? Marijuana has been recognized as medicinal, but still there are those serving time for using it. Perhaps the correct response to drug use and alcohol abuse is not punishment but counseling. Don't punish the drug pushers for selling it, they are only giving the people what they desire. If you drink alcohol or take drugs, the question is, why are you self medicating? What pain are you soothing? And if your child is doing drugs, who should you blame? Today Myeka Bevel guides us through an exercise that helps release emotional pain, anger and stress, to prevent the need and desire to self medicate.


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    NMEMINDZ: Drugs & Melanin - A Recipe for Disaster

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    Please join Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali for Pt. 2 of our show on drugs, specifically crack cocaine & the CIA on Tuesday, 10-28-2014. We'll finish off our discussion on the book "Dark Alliance" by Gary Web, and confront the current drug epidemic in our communities - Why are our young people becoming addicted to marijuana & what's the science behind exctasy, prescription pills, Robitussin & molly? We'll be pulling from the book by Carol Barnes - "Melanin, the Chemical key to Black Greatness" to deal with the specific impact of drugs on Melanated people. The call in # 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace.

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    Temptation: Sex, Drugs and Sleeping with the Enemy!

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    Join us tonight as we speak with our special guest caller.  She's no stranger to the show but she'll share with us her personal story of how she fell on hard times with sex, drugs and prostitution.  You don't want to miss this riveting conversation!

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    True Stories Of Sex, Drugs And Rock And Roll

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    The show where anything goes and we bring on those that survived it or are going through it to talk about everything they have seen. 
    This show is raw, cutting edge and not for kids, SORRY!
    Langauge and SItuations are all true according to the witness and as much as possible are all backed up by physical evidendece prior to the show. 
    Make no mistake though we are going to talk about the business of music the way it was when it was SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK &ROLL ON BlOG TALK RADIO. 

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    Depression & the Drugs That Make it Worse! The Food Pyramid Lie and the TRUTH!

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    Tonight on Crush Radio:

    Depression and the pharmacutical drugs that make it worse!
    -Natural Treatments and Remedies

    The truth about the food pyramid, the lies exposed!
    -Learn to eat for your benefit and health

    Health Care and it's agents of deception

    Book Review:
    Forks over Knives

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    Psychotropic Drugs: Are You a Victim of Propaganda?

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    Today Nick & Joanna will be discussing the intricate web of psychiatry and pharmaceuticals. It seems these days that a psychiatrist's job is only about prescribing toxic medications without addressing the whole person.  Patients are also told that they should not come off of these drugs once they are on them. 

    Is there actually a test to determine whether someone has low serotonin in their body?  Should  there be?  Just as there is a test to determine blood sugar & whether someone has diabetes.... 

    Do you know what the DSM 5 is? Diganostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Illness

    Can pharmaceuticals actually cause the symptoms they are designed to treat? What about suicial / homocidal ideation? 

    Where does the processing of feelings and emotions come in as a means to healing those traumas that cause anxiety, depression, "mood disorder", and more? 

    Where does nutrition and mind/body practices fit in to the therapeutic envireonment in which people need to heal? Is awareness or consciousness a factor? 

    What are the options for people who have been hopistalized? Are hospitals actually therapeutic environments in which patients can heal themselves? 

    Can things like meditation, hypnosis, yoga, nutrition, and breathing help? 

    www.thekalyanacentre.com / www.drjoannacarmichael.com / 484-412-8815

    Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. www.CCHR.org

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    Where is the outrage over deaths from Legal Drugs?

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    Drugs: A huge amount of Americans use them. Chances are you have some in your medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Most drugs used in the U.S. today are legal, while some are illegal.

    Unfortunately, the picture of drugs portrayed by the mainstream media is very biased and one-sided, and not well understood by most Americans. So I want to present as much factual information here as possible, information you are not likely to read in the mainstream media since they themselves are very much funded and influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

    There are More Deaths from Legal Drugs than Illegal Drugs

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    Drugs to Disciple

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    Sidney Smith was born in Oakland California and started using crack at age 13.  His life was drugs, crime and eventually prison.  Then one day it all changed, when he enrolled in Teen Challange.  

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