PEP Talk: Why is MD so Damn Apathetic? Can We Overcome?

Purple Elephant Politics

Purple Elephant Politics

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41 Days to the Election. With Romney, Bongino, and 8 congressional candidates on the ballot, plus 3 key races in Cecil County, we're facing a crucial turning point in Maryland.  If we can't overcome the apathy now, are we doomed to deal with the deep blue abyss we call Maryland? 

Well, let's talk about it.  Tune in tonight at 8:30 pm as we break down the races, the third party Senate candidate dropping 6 million on ad buys, and what we can do on a grassroots level to turn the tides. 

So put down the remote, tune in, call in, get engaged.  With 800 - 1200 listeners a week, we think it's time for y'all to get on board.  

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