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The pundits say that African civilization is dead. We've heard them say that Africa is a dark continent without bright spots, as they try to claim the craddle of civilization from us. We; built the pyramids of Giza, the great walls of Benin and the ancient schools of Timbuktu. We; beat the Roman Army three times in battle and even saved the Isrealites from annihilation. We; are Africans. Let us seek wisdom because African civilization is our song and our story to tell the world. We must stop this war of black stagnation, demonization and dehumanization. Join us. Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

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The African youth and what the future holds for us

Test Broadcast, call in an talk as you would like.

Right from the start, President Obama was hated by many white people - some in secret for fear of the law. Nevertheless, it shows like smoldering dung in their slanderous words and actions. The truth is that they hate him not because of his... more

The code of the African warrior was a noble code of live and let live. That for death and glory, they would stand up to their cause to control their own destiny.Such that even in battle, they spared those who humbly surrendered.... more

When Africans stand up in arms against themselves and tearing down what is left of Africa: who is the victor, who is the victim and who is to blame for our struggles? Join us: Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

Do you know that the Eurozone is crumbling because there is no more free lunch from Africa? Out of 27 states,17 spend the Euro while the other 10 still cling to their own currency. This has experts asking, how can you have a common state... more

For many decades, we the people of Africa have pursued God in various ways. And our pursuit of God has indeed taken us places, but one of the places our pursuit did not take us is to becoming more African. Join us as we explore the... more

A people who are not proud of themselves, are a people who do not believe in themselves. But for those of us who were born to live and die with honour, being African is the best thing that could have ever happened to us. Join us: Francis... more

Slowly but surely, Africans are growing again. In part because most of us are now listening to reason and understanding that the white man's words are lies. That said; the white man no longer controls us as planned. Nevertheless, in our... more
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