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Vision On Fire: Venture into Lucid Dreaming w/ Robin Littlefeather

  • Broadcast in Religion



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While everyone has an actual birth date, I have “two birthdays”. There is the day I was born, and there is also the day I died for a short while on the operating table, and “lived to tell about it.” What makes this second birthday so significant is that it seems as if it has opened a realm of the mind previously closed to me.

Shortly after this near death experience, “I began to dream.” In some of these dreams I received poems, in others there were allegories, and sometimes I actually received premonitions of things to come.

While there have been many experiences of dying and returning, this one is unique to me. Right before I was revived there seemed to be no such thing as time. Knowledge was as instant as breathing. Past, present and future were all at my disposal in an instant. Everything I was, could be, might be were like the filaments of a spider web. Alone they were fragile and ethereal, but together they created a strong and intricate web that reflected my life and my choices. Each choice or movement along this path seemed to be woven in. It did not matter if the choices were good or bad, but rather it augmented the pattern that was my life. I found myself in tears, not so much for the failures or successes, but for the simple beauty that life itself was.

One of the things many I have spoken about is agreements with the Divine that we make before we come to this earth. During this time I was shown my agreement with Creator and my destiny. I was shown why I decided to be who I am, and what purpose I had here. I remember looking at the scope of this contract and feeling completely overwhelmed and humbled at the same time. I also humorously remember thinking I must have been out of my celestial mind to sign this cosmic contract.