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Prophecykeepers Radio airs every night at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central and 8PM Eastern time. Most programs are prerecorded from 200 program archives. Subscribe to NEW program announcements at Every Sunday is an Oklevueha Native American Church program... occasionally new/live...look for LIVE in the title. LIVE interviews usually take listener call-ins for questions. All new programs are archived within 1/2 hour afterwards. To check out our new video, go to the bottom of this page, and click the "Show Extras" box. Learn what REAL Native elders REALLY teach about prophecy. We discuss prophecies of many different Native American compared with European and other religions. We debunk 2012 rumors. From the Native American viewpoint, we typically compare Prophecy of many different religious traditions, Vision Quests, UFOs, Sasquatch, Conspiracies, Mayan Calendar, Shamanism, Paranormal, et al. If it's spiritual, strange and/or weird, it's probably here on Prophecykeepers Radio! Mad Bear Anderson was the founder of the Indian Unity Movement... and its child, the American Indian Movement. He was a Lord or "Faithkeeper" of the 6 Nations (Iroquois) Confederacy. He said, "Someday someone will collect all the Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and would publish them in one place, so they could be compared with those of all Native People.

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Prerecorded... no call-ins please The last Great Drought in California was relieved after Bennie Lebeau Sr. of (Eastern Shoshone leader) conducted the Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony in 2006. Blue Thunder is now an Ambassador for Peace for Spoken Truth: Spiritual Messages from Warriors of Old, available on Amazon "Greetings my brother and sisters, here is the book that I have been talking is about thought forms...the messages simular to what Dr. Emoto is representing in his work in Messages from Water... and now messages from the spirits...please help us work with the Warriors of Old that have sent messages of peace in the book called: Spoken TRUTH, Spiritual Messages From Warriors of Old, by Visions Life Force Foundatition...the book can be ordered or bought at Barnes and Knowbles and ordered through or Book Number: ISBN 1-4208-8102-7" "This is once in a life time book with the messages from the White Eagle the messager sent my the Great Spirit bringing messages of hope and love to us all...working with Mother Earth and not against her...a must all ages to read...many thank you's for considering ordering and reading this book fully at least 3 to 4 times...many blessings" Blue Thunder Prophecies are spiritual visions or dreams sent to give messages to humanity. Concerning what can take place in the future. They are meant to say if we continue to do what we are doing then this will or that could happen. The other side of the messages in prophecies is that if we change our course in history the disasters will disappear that have been foreseen!!!!

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Prerecorded 10/15/2005... no call-ins please A 13th generation Diiyin (HolyOne), Maria began her training at the heels of her grandfather, Quero Apache poet and snake clan priest, Juan Ten Bears Yraceburu. Following an extensive... more

Prerecorded... The Hopi Ten Chumash elder Choqosh Auh' ho' oh' some years ago summoned by a prestigious group of Hopi elders (she's not Hopi, but some other tribe). They told her they have a message for her to share. They said,... more

Prerecorded... Author of A Time of Fire~A Way of Fire As many of you know, the Divine Mother, best known to many as Mary the mother of Jesus, began to appear to less-then-orthodox (kind of a renegade in fact) Catholic Michelle Rios Rice... more

Prerecorded September 18, 2004 Related Website (LEFT CLICK ONLY!) This is Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf's LAST Prophecykeepers Interview before his passing in December 2005.

NEW! CALL IN! NEWSFLASH: Emery County Utah Judge recently declared from the bench "This court does not recognize that the 'Free Exericize clause' of The United States Constitution trumps State Law, and so therefore we find you... more

Prerecorded... no call-ins please Red Elk Speaks About Katrina - Why did it happen? This was Red Elk's eighth Prophecykeepers Radio Interview. He spoke in great earnest concerning how to prepare spiritually for The End Times.... more

Prerecorded... no calls please Several times each year Julia and Robert Roskind host 1-day One Love Festivals & our 3-day Gathering of the Peacemakers in Oregon and North Carolina. The pace of our 3-day Gatherings is enlivening yet... more

Prerecorded... no calls please Several times each year Julia and Robert Roskind host 1-day One Love Festivals & our 3-day Gathering of the Peacemakers in Oregon and North Carolina. The pace of our 3-day Gatherings is enlivening yet... more

Dr. Raja Merk Dove, Founder and the late Prof. Moi-Ra Lady of the Sun Dove, Co Founder The Stardoves are Ambassadors from the Pleiades and Venus. Dr. Raja now serves here on Earth, while Prof. Moira returned to Venus, December 30,... more
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