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Prophecykeepers Radio airs every night at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central and 8PM Eastern time. Most programs are prerecorded from 200 program archives. Subscribe to NEW program announcements at Every Sunday is an Oklevueha Native American Church program... occasionally new/live...look for LIVE in the title. LIVE interviews usually take listener call-ins for questions. All new programs are archived within 1/2 hour afterwards. To check out our new video, go to the bottom of this page, and click the "Show Extras" box. Learn what REAL Native elders REALLY teach about prophecy. We discuss prophecies of many different Native American compared with European and other religions. We debunk 2012 rumors. From the Native American viewpoint, we typically compare Prophecy of many different religious traditions, Vision Quests, UFOs, Sasquatch, Conspiracies, Mayan Calendar, Shamanism, Paranormal, et al. If it's spiritual, strange and/or weird, it's probably here on Prophecykeepers Radio! Mad Bear Anderson was the founder of the Indian Unity Movement... and its child, the American Indian Movement. He was a Lord or "Faithkeeper" of the 6 Nations (Iroquois) Confederacy. He said, "Someday someone will collect all the Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and would publish them in one place, so they could be compared with those of all Native People.

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The opening of this event begins Friday Evening, April 17, 2015 from 7pm-9pm with opening prayers & concert of Indigenous peoples to present the opportunity for cultural exchange of traditional song and dance, arts and crafts, and unite us in ceremony to share sacred wisdoms throughout the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, the Elders and Wisdom Keepers offer guidance and wellness tools that will assist us to come into balance with the Natural world and humankind. In addition, there will be question and answer periods in which your personal inquiries will be addressed. Please join us for a weekend full of presentations and teachings from ancestral indigenous people who still live close to the natural world and who have never left their fire. Adam Yellowbird is a visionary and spiritual leader. He is the founder of the Global Earth Dance Gatherings. His vision of Earth Dance8 has brought thousands of people together of all colors, races, and spiritual backgrounds to celebrate and dance around the world. Adam also helps people explore the inner healing of the heart, dreams, and spirit. Adam is bringing the multi-cultural vision of all people coming together as one for unity and healing of our Mother Earth. He believes we are Earth Keepers of our Mother and we must take care of her as she takes care of us; the people. Adam is asking the help of all people to wake up and listen to their heart, the Holy Spirit, and bring out what has been hidden away for eons within one's being ICSAW is an organization that is dedicated to preserving ancients wisdoms and traditions of indigenous cultures throughout the world. ICSAW works on behalf of indigenous communities of North, Central, and South America and stands as the central organization by which all of the following international projects are supported under.
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r??First a brief special recorded message from Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau of Earth Wisdom Foundation. A Shoshone Tribal member from the Wind River Indian Reservation near Ft. Washakie, Wyoming, BlueThunder has been conducting... more

Prerecorded... Lynn Mystic-Healer is a dual citizen, former RN (US and Canada) & LMT ... Has spent 33 Years in Healing Arts and peace work, 10 yrs. international business woman, author of 3 books; Dreams, Past Lives, Holy... more

Prerecorded on 4/29/2012, Lee Standing Bear Moore (Cherokee) of Manataka American Indian Council, and Robert Woableza LaBatte (Dakota Sioux), Grand Chief, World Council of Spiritual Elders joined us to share their Native American... more

Part One... Read more about Rabbi Shalomim HaLahawi at "I have done what no other Rabbi since Medieval times was able to do... the first Modern Rabbi to have my articles... more

Prerecorded from 4/28/2102 - please do not call in.... It is with a heavy heart, and with great sadness that I announce the passing on Wednesday August 14th, 2013 of our friend and UFO Digest Asian Correspondent, Kevin Smith, the... more

Prerecorded 4/25/2012... no call-ins please! Prophecykeepers Radio host Will Blueotter's guest tonight is James Arthur Jancik, the terrestrial radio host of Feet to the Fire now it's ninth year. "F2F" is a live, Alternative Talk Radio Show... more

Carol was fostered as a baby and adopted at 2 1/2 years of age and did not learn that she was Cherokee until 1996, when she also began her writing career. After discovering her 'roots', Carol became involved intertribal activites and was... more

On April 22, 2012, we chatted with Mayan descendant (Facebook) and expert storyteller Susy Cawthorn, a Medical Marijuana patient... and longtime friend of Red Elk and Blueotter. Mark Borcharding gave Mayan Calendar Birthday... more

Prerecorded from 4/20/2012... please don't call in! S.P.I.R.I.T. is a sister show on BlogTalkRadio Society of Paranormal Investigators, Researchers and Instrumental Technologies, founded by Fox, tonight's guest. Fox's grandparents spoke both... more
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