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Prerecorded Sat January 21, 2005

This is John Hogue's (Website) (Facebook) first Prophecykeepers Radio Interview. He speaks about events that he believes will be happening soon, and describes how Nostradamus predicted the Great Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in GREAT detail.

For over 15 years, John Hogue has warned that the first world war of the new millennium would be a war of chaos and terrorism. Now it is upon us. Link to the articles below to read his interpretations of Nostradamus and other seers to see what might happen or be avoided.

THE NOSTRADAMUS EARTHQUAKE: "From the Bottom of Asia" Has it happened off Sumatra?. Nostradamus wrote a prophecy about a catastrophic earthquake reported "from the bottom of Asia" over four centuries ago. Is it about the Sumatran Quake of 26 December 2004? Will Greece and Turkey be next?

SATURN'S PRESIDENT. This is an astrological assessment of President Bush's afflicted natal chart and the karmic challenges facing America beyond 2004 through 2008. The president is definitely a medium, but for whom, or what?

THE SECRET BUSH PROPHECIES UNSEALED. It is time to release a series of predictions Hogue made nearly four years ago, on 21 December 2000. He had promised himself to release these prophetic documents only if Bush won a second term. Here they are. Their accuracy about Bush's first term are amazing! See what is coming in the second.