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The problem is the Autoworkers

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We are facing the end of a fleecing that began with gas prices going above .98 per gallon. Now that the Bush Administration is nearing its end, gas prices crawl back to reasonable levels. Meanwhile, Wall Street bankers and insurance giants like AIG get bailouts without much questions or strings attached as they flaunt their new wealth on junkets and spa treatments. The American Autoworker is asked to take cuts in pay, pensions and benefits to get a fraction of bailout money. The key is to blame the Autoworkers for the problems that people above their pay grades created. Like it or not: it was the manufacturing might of automobile building that spawned a middle class in this country. The fall of the "big three" will have repercussions beyond just their existence as support businesses attached to them - semiconductor suppliers for one - will have to downsize proportionally. It would be a ripple-effect of misery.