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  • 00:27

    Leopard gecko: Products you don't need but are not harmful

    in Pets

    Joking Captin Chad as he host a night of leopard gecko products, advice and extras. We will hit on products that are not harmful but you really could do without. Thanks again for listening

  • 00:29

    Road Trip - Traveling with your Pet

    in Pets

    So what are your travel plans for the holiday and do they include your pet?  There was a time when taking our pets with us wasn't a realistic option, but now it really is quite common.  So I ask you have you really put thought  and preparation into the trip?  In this episode Dr. Pat discusses  how to prepare for travel with your pet including pre trip vet visits, what to include in an emergency kit and what essentials to take along.

  • 00:40

    Lets play ketchup

    in Pets

    Just a show to catch up with everyone and see what everyone is up to.

  • 00:27

    Hi, I'm Amy, I talk to Dogs

    in Pets

    I've always had a strong connection with dogs, but something was missing. When I finally owned up and allowed myself the open pathways to communicate with animals, amazing things began to happen. If you've ever felt like you've had a deeper connection with dogs, but weren't sure what that connection was, come hang as I share my journey. It may spark something in you! 

  • 00:05

    Crab Cast - On The Air With HCO. Episode 8 - Crabbie Bug Out Totes

    in Pets

    On Crab Cast tonight we will be chatting about how to set up an evacuation tote and what to do in an emergency. Tune in and listen to our new jingle and sound effects. #MakingThisShowLegit 
    Have any questions? Wanna chat? Call in at (929) 477-2202, post in the live chat or find the thread at www.facebook.com/groups/itsacrabthing/
    Hermit Crab Owners is a group on facebook that puts education first. Please join us at www.facebook.com/groups/itsacrabthing/ and click the join group button.

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To animal lovers, pets make the dearest companions, providing unconditional love that lasts a lifetime. Here you'll find a whole herd of pet-related podcasts, featuring conversations with the world's best pet service providers: animal trainers, veterinarians, pet rescue workers, groomers, authors, Animal Planet stars, even pet psychics! Choose from hundreds of shows, including go-to guides for pet parents or those looking to adopt, filled with tips and tricks for every canine conundrum, feline hijinks or aviary issue around. Since pets teach us so much about friendship and responsibility, the positive impact they bring to our lives is undeniable. They have an extraordinary ability to heal, especially hospital patients, nursing home residents, prison inmates and more through animal-assisted therapy. So whether your best friend is warmblooded and fuzzy or coldblooded and scaly, you'll connect with a fun flock of likeminded animal advocates to share insight and learn about all things pets.

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