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  • LNSA: Russell Gets Out of His Straight Jacket foe Another Great Show

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    Russell Struggles out of his straight jacket just in time for another great show here on the Euphoric Network Media Pod casting Shows.

  • Steps and Stages of Grieving; How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

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    This weeks show will be on the grieving process.  The following topics will be discussed:
    Dealing with a loss of a pet is just like losing a family member or loved one.  Each person may experience the stages in a different way and thats okay.  With the help of Judy Helm Wright, certified pet grief counselor, she can set you on the path to healing.  This is week 3 of the 6 week series so be sure to continue tuning in and learning How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet.
    If you have a story that you wish to share send it to judy@deathofmypet.com with PET STORY in the subject line.

  • FISH TRIALS ON American Variety Network Episode 1: Festivum Cichlids

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    Welcome to FISH TRIALS, an online fish keeping podcast here on Blogtalkradio that will focus and emphatize on fish that we have kept or will experience keeping hence the name FISH TRAILS!!! Fish Trails is hosted by the Crazy Italian American AC who just happens to be a fish keeper and loves fish and the crazy and euphoric Khewl Khat Willy T who may be old but he sure loves his fish! The Crazy Italian American AC and Khewl Khat Willy T promise to get along and educate you on tropical fish!!! We will discuss anything and everything aquarium fish related and have fun in doing so!
    Our very first topic will be on the popular south american cichlid known as the festivum cichlid! Festivum cichlids are known by many fish keepers around the world!
    Topics for the show:
    - Caring for the festivum
    -Feeding the Festivum
    -Tankmates for the festivum
    -Sexing and Breeding the festivum
    AND MORE!!!!
    Have questions? Or want to discuss your experiences with keeping festivums? Please call in at 1 347-989-8142!

  • What Kind and When on Filtration for Your Aquarium, Amber Sheriff Guests

    in Pets

    Setting up an aquarium involves purchasing and installing a variety of pieces of equipment. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment for your entire aquarium, however, is your filtration system. Filters are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your fish which, in turn, is essential for keeping your fish healthy themselves. Without a filtration system for your water, it would almost be impossible to keep tropical fish as a pet. Filtration systems are that important!
    Choosing a filtration system can be a daunting task because the sheer number of options to choose from can be overwhelming and become confusing. The fact that choosing the right filtration system is so important may also make the task more challenging – you certainly don’t want to make the wrong choice! Before you select a filter, take the time to review your options and think about the specific needs of your tank. You should also take some time to learn about the different types of filtration that come into play in choosing an aquarium filter.

  • Aquatics Euphoria: One of My Favorite Plecos: Zebra L46

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    The Zebra Pleco is a dwarf species that reaches a maximum size of 3-1/2 inches in length. It is one of the many members of the Loricariidae family, the suckermouth catfish. Due to the great variety within the catfish category, it has become very difficult to categorize them by species. As a result, you may see a reference to the letter "L" for the family Loricariidae, followed by a number. The Zebra is referred to as L-46. call in live and share... 1-347-677-1837

  • Pet Beach Etiquette (What To Expect When Taking Your Pet To the Beach)

    in Pets

    Have you ever taken your pet to the beach?  Was it a good experience?  If not, how could it have been better?    In this episode of The Missy Show we discuss the do's and don'ts of pet beach etiquette and explore ways to have a safe and fun experience while out with your pet.  Also find out which types of pets are best suited for beach trips, and whether or not animals should be taken to a beach at all.  Join us, Saturday August 8th at 5pm Central.

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  • Mourning is Natural; How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

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    This weeks show will focus on mourning and how it is a natural part of life.  The following topics will be discussed:
    Do animals grieve when a companion dies? How you express your pain. The words to say to others who sympathize Tragedy, trauma & a pain so deep it is beyond words Guilt, regret and relief Seeking support for complex, deeply rooted grief issues Asking for & receiving what you need Losing a pet can be difficult.  Judy Helm Wright can help you understand your loss and come to terms with it.  This is week four of six of the series How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet.
    If you have a story you would like to share about your beloved pet send it to judy@deathofmypet.com with PET STORY in the subject line

  • Pet Pool Safety (The Furry Fun Episode)

    in Pets

    It's summer!  And you know what that means, right?  Fun and sun, and time spent with family and friends in the pool.  With rising temperatures during hottest months of the year, many families choose to stay cool by taking a soak in the pool.  While these activities may provide awesome ways to beat the summer heat, they can prove to be hazardous for your pet.  In this episode of The Missy Show, we explore safe ways to enjoy your poolside activities while allowing your pet to participate too.  We also consider pets that might not appreciate activities involving water.  Hint hint--cats (for the most part).  Join hosts J and D, Saturday, August 15th at 5pm Central.

  • Aquatics Euphoria: Nostalgic Fish From The Past

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    Species of fish in the fish keeping hobby come in and then go out of mainstream of fish keeping! In the 1960's and 70's there were the barbs and tetras that were held in the mainstream of fish keeping. Central American cichlids were popular in the 80's! Now there is mainly the firemouths and convicts being purchased. Nowadays it's the neons and fancy guppies! Rediscovering nostalgic species would be great for the fish hobby. Come listen and find out the best kept fish of the past and why they were kept. Call in at 1-347-677-1837

  • Can You be "Leader of the Pack" When You LIVE in Self Doubt?

    in Pets

    When you hear the word LEADER, is what comes to mind 'Confident, Resourceful, Proactive, Flexible and Enthusiastic'? Or are you overwhelmed by the idea to be the leader and you would rather just relax? What is leadership to you? And are you willing to be it?
    Or are you in self-doubt? How much of the energy of true leadership is present when you LIVE in self-doubt? Join Suzy and Charlie as they explore what’s actually created between animals and people when the person is attempting to “LEAD the Pack” from self-doubt & self-judgment.

  • Helping the Hurting: How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

    in Pets

    Todays show will be on helping the hurting and what can be done to help others.  The following topics will be discussed:
    Pet loss and children Pet loss and the elderly Service and companion animals Expressing sympathy to others Memorial options, tributes & rituals to remember How sharing stories helps us heal Death is a tough subject to explain especially to children.  Judy Helm Wright can help parents explain the death of a family pet to a child.  This is week five of 6 of the series How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet.  Be sure to continue listening for more useful insights on How to Deal with the Loss of a Beloved Pet.
    If you have a story you would like to share send it to judy@deathofmypet.com with PET STORY in the subject line.

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