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  • It's Just a Horse, Series Part 4 of 4

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    You are invited to come play with Armina Bridgeman CHCR Facilitator and Angela Muskat, Pat Buffalo and Jocelyn Kish three past participants of CONSCIOUS HORSE CONSCIOUS RIDER 2 Day Clinics on a series of Blogtalk Radio Shows Horses Talk We Listen
    Starting September 25-28
    Ending with a Zoom Call & Radio Show September 28th 
    Pat, Jocelyn and Angela have been creating some amazing change with their businesses, we will be talking about what they have been creating with horses in their Businesses, how horses are contributing and changing their life's, their clients life's and the planet. How using the tools of Access Consciousness Conscious Horse Conscious Rider has contributed and added to their businesses and what has shown up since taking the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Clinics. 
    I wonder, what they know? Would it be a contribution to you, your business, your animals, your creations? What else is possible, now?
    Catch us Live, Call in with Questions, also there will be Replays to The Shows Here; 
    The Series Schedule 
    Monday September 25th at 7pm MST with Pat Buffalo
    Tuesday September 26th at 7pm MST with Jocelyn Kish
    Wednesday September 27th at 7pm MST with Angela Muskat
    Thursday September 28th with all 4 of us on a Zoom call and Blogtalk Radio show, Horses Talk We Listen
    Conscious  Horse Conscious Rider assists people to have a deeper connection to horses, which can lead to being a better rider, handle horses with more ease, have better performance and to the ability to be close to and understand horses.Available to people that might have fear to be next to a horse and people with Olympic Riding skills, these clinics will provide you tools, teach you new techniques and open doors to awarenesses you’ve always had, but haven’t been able to access before.

  • January Jones - Pet for Paws -- Ann Greenberg

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    Ann Greenberg is the founder of The Underground Chic, a collection of stylish eco-friendly handbags, made from recycled plastic bottles! She paired her talent in design and passion for animals and created a new line called: A Pet With Paws! www.apetwithpaws.com. 
    As a veteran of the fashion industry, Ann used to design women’s clothing, which she loved. But after working in the industry for 20 years, she no longer found it fulfilling. Ann noticed three things were happening: people's priorities were changing, they were concerned about global warming and climate change, and there seemed to be a demand for fashionable yet sustainable products, but few companies were offering these types of items.
    A Pet with Paws fills a niche -by providing stylish and affordable pet carriers, doggie backpacks and poop pick up wristlets and pouches for the eco-conscious and vegan consumer. They’re whimsical, cruelty-free, and have panache!

  • Let's Talk with Leel Michelle of RetroStylistWear.com

    in Pets

    Let's talk with Leel Michelle known for her popular, stylish groomer apparel at RetroStylistWear.com, helpful suggestions for groomers selling pet retail and her informative GroomWise Blog at www.groomwise.com.

  • #059 Leopard Gecko Breeding and Where am I Going with This

    in Pets

    Tuesday June 6th, 2017 6pm Pacific 
    #059 Leopard Gecko Breeding and Where am I Going with This
    Ever wonder what it takes to breed leopard geckos for money? It's not a lot of money but you sure can start a small business. Hell, maybe you're motivated enough to make it a big business. There are a handful of whales in this industr and we will cover basic topics to make you at least a fish in this giant ocean of money. Prepare to step out of the "loving" hobby and into the cutthroat reptile industry. You have no friends, you have no time, it's geckos baby, yeah! 

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To animal lovers, pets make the dearest companions, providing unconditional love that lasts a lifetime. Here you'll find a whole herd of pet-related podcasts, featuring conversations with the world's best pet service providers: animal trainers, veterinarians, pet rescue workers, groomers, authors, Animal Planet stars, even pet psychics! Choose from hundreds of shows, including go-to guides for pet parents or those looking to adopt, filled with tips and tricks for every canine conundrum, feline hijinks or aviary issue around. Since pets teach us so much about friendship and responsibility, the positive impact they bring to our lives is undeniable. They have an extraordinary ability to heal, especially hospital patients, nursing home residents, prison inmates and more through animal-assisted therapy. So whether your best friend is warmblooded and fuzzy or coldblooded and scaly, you'll connect with a fun flock of likeminded animal advocates to share insight and learn about all things pets.

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