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  • Jeni Tyrell A Professional Puffer Keeper Will Speak!

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    Jeni Tyrell, known the world over as Pufferpunk will be guesting on Aquatics Euphoria March 7th at 3 pm EST. Shae will be discussing freshwater, brackish water and saltwater puffers. I really hope I can do her justice in my interview of this great puffer keeper and writer of numerous articles on puffers. She is an awesome person and well known in all puffer communities. Come listen to her interview you will be better off for it. Jeni will give a bio on herself at the beginning of the interview.
    Jeni Tyrell? gives her Bio:
    I own a pufferfish website and I have served on the Crew of WetWebMedia, in addition to moderating & submitting to countless other aquarium forums. I wrote the puffer fish profiles for the most recent publication of the Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes, published articles on Green Spotted Puffers, Figure 7 puffers, the Dragon Goby & Pufferfish Dentistry in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine (& other mags), also in WetWebMedia's online magazine, the Consciencious Aquarist. I am a scuba diver & underwater photographer. I also ride my own 1982 custom Shovelhead Harley-Davidson & I am an avid tattoo collector. My Jack Russell Terrier (Kalvin the Krrrrrrazydog) rides on the back.
    Puffers are an amazing species of fish that do require special care. Jeni rides a Motorcycle with her dog for enjoyment. She is an all around cool lady. You owe it to yourself to come hear her speak on the puffer fish. Aquatics Euphoria is honored to have her and I, William T is absolutely gracious to be able to spend this time with her, learning about the puffer fish. Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to ask Jeni questions about puffers or go to her forum site for more articles she has written. Search by author Jeni Tyrell. www.thepufferforum.com.

  • Pet Flea and Tick Treatment (What You Need To Know)

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    There are many flea and tick treatments on the market today.  It can be difficult to sift through all the information to find out which product is right for your pet.  In this episode of The Missy Show, we explore the problem of flea and tick control and examine the best ways to keep these pesky creatures away from our beloved pets and how to treat pets if exposure has already occurred.  Join us Saturday, March 7th at 5pm.

  • Fish Keeper's United: Oscar Alex and Beasley Brown

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex will be interviewing a man and fish keeper who is very popular here on Blogtalkradio! This will be our 7th guest in the series fish keeper's United! Oscar Alex has the honor and prividelege of interviewing Mr. Beasley Brown! Beasley has appeared on some of the biggest shows here on Blogtalkradio and has been paid to be a  guest. So Aquatic Wetline is really honored to Welcome Beasley as a guest. Beasley keeps fish and has been on the AW before as a caller.
    Oscar Alex and Beasley will have a unscripted 1 on 1 LIVE fish discussion that will be awesome! Come and join us! Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the chat!

  • Raised by Wolves

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    With so much fuss over being the "leader of the pack" and making sure you're the "alpha"....I have to chuckle okay and maybe shake my head in embarassment for those that actually fall for it. Unfortunately this hype and "technique" can be unsafe to the human and unwelcoming to the poor canine in question and is nothing a product of self appointed TV doggie evangelists and their uneducated, Kool Aid drinking disciples. Learning from wolves as I did, was not only an honor but such a gift from Mother Nature and one that no price tag could be put on, with the lessons I learned from these mystical yet persecuted animals. Not only the most heirarchical and sophisicated canine alive, their gentle leadership qualities are beyond anything that any human could teach another human. Learning from the true "alpha leaders"...something I will always cherish. And while we're on the subject of wolves, tonight you I will let you on a little dark yet interesting secret about me. It will definitely be one of those "Ah-Ha..." moments and everything will suddenly make sense :) So.....Fang up! :)

  • Catherine Wilbert with Big Sky Ranch

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    Big Sky Ranch is an all organic ranch and farm, dedicated to educating consumers about the food we eat, and how to make better choices for their health and wellbeing, and that of our earth.
    Catherine is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition Consultant, Culinary Nutrition Expert & nationally recognized wellness expert. Helping others reach their fitness goals and find new quality of life through health and nutrition has always been a passion for Catherine. This commitment to fitness is not only evident through her dozen bodybuilding titles, which include three national championships, but through her promotion of health and wellness through everything from seminars to national television segments. Through individual consultation, Catherine educates people on the importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of illness. She successfully works with people in everything from weight loss to wellness.

  • Oscar Alex Lecture on Sun Catfish!

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex will be chatting about one of his favorite catfish he likes to keep with his Oscar Cichlids. This catfish is also one of my favorite catfish to keep. The Sun Catfish ( Horabagrus brachysoma) is a very popular Aquarium catfish that has been making the rounds in the aquarium hobby for the last few years now! Sun catfish are very hardy and can be kept  by beginners!
    Oscar Alex will be discussing how to care for the Sun Catfish, tankmates for the sun catfish, and everything you need to know! Call in LIVE at 1 347-989-8142 with any questions!

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  • Salty Dawgs: Episode Two: Fish Only Saltwater Aquariums

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    Well, you know who my co-host is by now so, there's no surprise here! Russel and I in this episode will be discussing the fish only saltwater aquarium. I believe the fish only tank is the easiest to setup and maintain. Russel will talk on how to create a fish only saltwater aquarium for all you beginners and the wannabe saltwater fish keeping hobbyist. I personally will be taken aspecial listen to the information in this episode of Aquatics Euphoria. Call in live at 1-347-677-1837.

  • Guest Veronica Hamilton Mistakes People Make Starting Out

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    In the hobby of fish keeping there are mistakes to be made but most of them are when starting out! Veronica Hamilton will be discussing these mistakes. We have all made mistakes in the fish hobby! Come listen to this very basic show to some of you but come listen anyway to see if you remember making some of the same mistakes or call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to add a few more to our list of common mistakes begiining hobbyists make in the fish keeping hobby.

  • Wendy Lincoln, founder of Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

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    We are a network of volunteers who do rabbit rescue, centered in Baton Rouge, LA, and serving LA, MS, and occasionally other states. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to rescue & find loving homes for rabbits, as well as educate and serve our community so that all rabbits in our area live happy, healthy lives with their families.
    Our rabbits for adoption come from all walks of life. Often they are a child’s pet, and the young caretaker loses interest, sometimes for a new pet, or especially if a young bunny is purchased and it unknowingly becomes an “unruly teenager” a few months later. Others come from animal control, are found wandering neighborhoods after being “set free” by people who no longer wanted them, or even drop-offs at pet stores. A few months after Easter, we often receive entire "unexpected litters" from Easter Rabbits bought without prior research. However, Easter is definitely not the only time we receive rabbits.
    Sadly, few rabbits that become unwanted end up in rescue. Most often they are given away to another unprepared home, and the rabbit goes through the cycle again. Others are let loose, left to find palatable grasses, avoid dogs and cars, and suffer from mites, fleas, heat, and rain. Rabbits are not as common of a pet as a cat or dog, and are much less understood as a family pet. They are often picked up at a pet store, put in a cage, and no questions are asked. Others are raised as livestock, being left outdoors and not socialized, and sit all alone day after day. Neither situation makes a happy pet, or a happy family! This is where our education mission comes in.  

  • Shannon Keith, Beagle Freedom Project on The Authentic Woman w/ Shannon Fisher

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    The Authentic Woman host, Shannon Fisher, welcomes Shannon Keith, founder of the Beagle Freedom Project.
    The Authentic Woman is a weekly radio show, hosted by women's rights leader Shannon Fisher, offering perspectives on the female experience in America. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities and community leaders, discovering their passions and inspirations.  Shannon Fisher on the web: Facebook - Twitter -  Links to Previous Episodes of The Authentic Woman.  
    This podcast is copyrighted and solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

  • Aquatic Wetline Special: 150th Episode Celebration Party!

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    Oscar Alex aka Aqua Alex the host of the Aquatic Wetline celebrates 150 amazing episodes tonight! This is the 150th episode of the Aquatic Wetline!!!! This is going to be an amazing show for you the loyal fans of the Aquatic Wetline! Join us over the next 2 hours as we celebrate our 150th episode with prizes for you the fish keepers, blast from the past, and fish discussions!!!!!
    Oscar Alex has an action packed show! Prizes from Hikari Sales USA and Oscar Alex himself, a Blast from the past where Alex will play his favorite and best callers of all time, Oscar Alex will make a GROUND BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT THAT WILL AFFECT ALL OF BLOGTALKRADIO and ALL OF ALEX CARDINALE'S SHOWS, and have a very special surprise guest come on the show!!!!!!!

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