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  • Creepy Crawlies: Your Pet and Poisonous Insects

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    It's Summertime, and we're in full swing with various insects crawling and buzzing about.  As humans, we know about the annoyances of pesky mosquitoes, and to be aware of the dangers of wasps, bees, and poisonous spiders.  But what about our pets?  How much thought is given to protecting our four legged family members from the threat of being bitten by poisonous bugs?  There's a threat to both indoor and outdoor pets, but special attention must be given to protecting our outdoor animals.  In this episode of The Missy Show, we discuss the best way to keep your pet safe from potentially deadly insect bites, (such as those received from a Black Widow).   You won't want to miss this very important episode, Saturday, July 30th at 5pm Central.

  • The Alex Cardinale Show on AVN: Tips for Raising a Puppy!!

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    Puppies are a loveable bundle of fun, joy, love, and most of all company.... Puppies will always be your baby and your best buddy! But, puppies are NOT for everyone as they require a lot of time, energy, and patience. Kids fall in love with puppies, but be aware that puppies do require a lot of work. However, they are very rewarding and are your best friends for life.
    Planned for show:
    ~ Tips for raising a Puppy
    ~ The best and worst puppy types
    ~ AND MORE!

  • Burmese python talk with Tom Reagan.

    in Pets

    In this episode we will be talking with Tom Reagan about the Burmese python. We will be discussing the keeping and breeding of this iconic species. 
    There hasn't been many podcasts that have focused on this species and I am excited to talk about one of my favorite snakes of all time.

  • Horses and abuse - can we help the horse to get over it?

    in Pets

    There are so many different kind of abuse and lots of them makes life difficult and sometimes unbearable. Lots of horses and other animals has suffered some kind of abuse, which complecates or makes some things not possible. We are so often told that abuse creates scars and behaviour that cannot be erased or changed. What if it is possible not only to deal with the abuse, but also to get over it and get to function as if nothing ever happened? Lots of people get dogs from shelters or rescued horses. What do you then do? We will be talking about how abuse affects us or the animals and how to deal with it. 

  • It's All About The Chase

    in Pets

    What is driving animals to chase other animals? Can that be changed? We know that dogs and cats and rabbits can get along, but why are some dogs set on chasing them? Is it a personal preference they have? 
    Sometimes a dog might like the one cat, but is out to kill another? 
    Is it a choice animals are making? A habit they have? Or are they trained that way? Where are these behaviors coming from?
    Have you ever been told that you cannot add another bitch to your household when you already have that female dog? But what is it we are missing here? What questions can we ask to change this? 
    What wisdom does Charlie have for us in this matter? He himself can be intense around cats and horses and also incredibly kind to them. So what is making him choose one or the other? Let's find out if we can change our pet's reactions!

  • Aquatic Wetline on AVN: Saltwater and Freshwater Small Fish vs Big Fish

    in Pets

    This is a very special episode of the Aquatic Wetline here on American Variety Network! I am going to talk about the tropical fish that stay small in the aquarium hobby for the freshwater hobby and the saltwater hobby and also the fish that turn into monsters in the freshwater aquarium hobby and the saltwater aquarium hobby. A friend of mine Willy T loves the small fish and I often call them feeders and I love the Monster fish!
    Planned for the Show:
    ~ The many different small species of fish in freshwater and saltwater
    ~ The many different monster species of fish in freshwater and saltwater
    ~ How to keep these fish and more! 

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  • Conscious Horse Conscious Rider, Creating a New Reality with Horses

    in Pets

    Creating a new reality with horses. What else is possible, with your horse when you include the tools from a Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Clinic?
    Do you already know the gift horses be and would like a deeper connection with them?
    Do you compete in the horses industry? What if, you could heal, communicate and invite your animals to compete in a different reality, a reality that is so very different from what is considered “normal” using the tools of Access Consciousness.
    Join Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitators as we speak about a different kind of Access Consciousness Class, this dynamic 2 day horse clinic is changing lives, creating awareness and healing the planet. CHCR Clinics are being held around the world. Catch us live, call in to the show or listen to the replay!
    I wonder, if a Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Clinic would be a contribution to you?  This is an invitation to create something different and to come play with the Horseanoids of Access. What else is possible beyond our imagination?

  • It's a doggy dog world!

    in Pets

    First up, Jamie Katz, P.I. Pet Detective. Jamie will share with us, a typical day of sniffing out a lost, 4 legged family member. 2nd hour, we will be chatting with the Founders of Coco's Pet Ranch, near Sebring, Florida. Maria & George Molina will share with us, what is involved on a day to day basis, caring for the animals on the ranch! Please join us! 
    Your Host,
    Darcy Butkus, avid animal lover!  

  • What can we learn from a horse?

    in Pets

    We often look at animals as if we are completely superiour to them and have to teach them a lot. Is it possible that there are things that we can learn from them? Contribution is both ways and we will be talking about some of the things that the horses can contribute to us and our lives. I am often stunned about how much the horses are able and willing to contribute to us when I am working with horses. If we are willing to be vulnerable and listen to them, they can have a huge impact on our lives and the way we live and create. There is a level of awareness that the horses are willing to have and to contribute to us, that few people get. Are you willing to listen to the horses? And what can they contribute to you?

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