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  • Aquatics Euphoria: My Mistakes In Discus Keeping And The Solutions!

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    William T has been keeping Discus fish for about one and one half years and has come to realize some mistakes in keeping these beautiful fish. Yes, William has made mistakes caring for these beautiful fish, believe it! Or NOT! William will share his mistakes and how he pulled through to once again be going forward with keeping discus as possibly the poorest discus fish keeper in the hobby! What food and what care does he give his discus. Call in and share your mistakes. Call in 1-347-677-1837. What mistakes have you made keeping discus?

  • Traveling Pets (What to Expect if You Plan to Fly With Your Pet)

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    Do you know what to expect if you are planning to travel by plane with your pet?  What are most airline policies regarding pet travel?  What types of conditions are your pets subjected to during the check-in process, boarding of the plane, and the actual flight itself?  Is there anything that can be done to make this a smoother process for your furry family member?  Join us in this episode of The Missy Show as we discuss this topic that may someday affect all traveling pet owners.  We're back on our regularly scheduled time of 5pm Central!  See you then!

  • Aquatics Euphoria: Michael Steffen Discusses Proper Decor for Certain Species

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    You have your perfect tank, complete with all the bells and whistles of filtration. You have your water quality test kit ready. You have a list of fish you would like in your collection. So, how are you going to decorate your aquarium? Believe it or not, but this is where a lot of people have problems. Sometimes they get so excited about all the cute decorations at the pet store that they over crowd the bottom of the tank. This is no good. Not only will this make doing tank maintenance harder, just think of trying to gravel wash that, it looks tacky. With that in mind how do you pick out decorations for your tank? This is the time to be creative, as the sky is truly the limit.

  • Susan Hamilton Animal Therapy

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    Susan Hamilton utilizes Animal Communication and Energy Healing using Healing Touch for animals among other techniques such as - Animal Communication, Healing Touch for Animals, Nutritional consulting, Accupressure, Kinesiology, Scalar Wave and Reiki.
    Susan has over 40 years experience in dealing with animals from German Shepherds to Great Danes and Thoroughbreds to Quarter Horses. She has always had an “intuitive” feel for her animals and often seemed to just “know” things about them. Susan belonged to the Gold Creek Cavalry where she and her horse participated in drills, parades camp outs and trail rides. She later showed horses on the “A” Hunter/Jumper circuit in the Adult Amateur and Amateur Owner divisions.. Riding with such luminaries as Brad Laird and John Bauman. She has also successfully shown German Shepherd dogs in the confirmation show ring.
    She began this particular journey when she lost her mare to laminitis.a very painful disease of the hoof. Another of her horses was misdiagnosed with Insulin Resistance much like diabetes in humans Over the next few years and many unproductive vet bills, it was discovered that he did not have this disease at all. Having him on a good nutritious diet, lots of turnout, proper exercise, body and energy work were the keys to keeping him healthy and happy. Susan was drawn to learning much more about nutrition both for animals and people.
    Throughout her life, Susan has never been without an animal of some sort. At one point she owned 12 horses. Working in the painting and construction industry was the means of supporting all her animals. Susan is finally realizing her lifelong dream of being able to work directly with animals in a wonderful and unique way. 

  • Aquarium Central Episode 3: Fish Keeping Then Vs. Now

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    On this episode of Aquarium Central, Aqua Alex and Fish keeper Jeff will have some fun as we talk about many popular aquarium keeping topics. REMEMBER AQUARIUM CENTRAL IS A LIVE UNSCRIPTED AND UNCENSORED AQUARIUM SHOW. The theme for this week's episode is Fish Keeping Then VS. Now. Alex and Jeff will talk about how the fish hobby has changed since we first got into the hobby. This fish hobby has definately gone through a huge transformation!
    Our guest for this show is Mr. Nick Cardinale who got Aqua Alex in the fish keeping hobby. Nick will talk about how he got in the hobby, his favorite fish, and more!
    Topics for the show are: How the fish keeping hobby has transformed, what are the common freshwater fish, what's the deal with Saltwater getting so popular, and more!
    Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the chat and tell us how you think the fish keeping hobby has changed and join the chat.

  • Premier Job Matching In the Pet Industry and HR Solutions

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    PAWSitive Radio...your leading source for all things leadership, success and resilience...in the corporate and animal world.  Your go to show  for living a well life with your pets!   Join Host Charmaine Hammond, business and leadership expert, professional speaker, bestselling author and Toby the dog's pet parent. 
    Today she interviews Jamie Damato Migdal has been working with dogs and their people and innovating within the industry for more than 20 years.  She’s done everything from pet sitting and shelter management to being a veterinary assistant and a TV dog behavior expert. Jamie is regularly sought after and featured in all types of media including NPR, ABC News, Fox News, NBC, WCIU, WGN Radio, Animal Planet, The Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal.  Jamie is in the process of launching yet another industry-changing company called FetchFind. FetchFind.com is poised to become the premier job matching destination for the pet industry.
    To find out about our upcoming Million Acts of Kindness Tour or to order a copy of Toby’s books. , check out our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTeamToby  
    For people who love travelling, please check out canadiantraveller.com for awesome destinations, travel tips, bucket-list adventures and so much more

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  • Aquatics Euphoria: Neale Monks Returns to Discuss Livebearers!

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    These extremely colorful and active fish are popular among hobbyists of all experience levels. Despite their delicate appearance they are hardy, easy-care fish that add great beauty to any home or office aquarium.
    Just as their name suggests, livebearers are fish that give birth to live, free-swimming young. However, in the aquarium hobby, the term livebearer is commonly used to refer to a specific group of fish belonging to the family Poeciliidae. This group of freshwater fish includes perennial aquarium favorites such as mollies, guppies, and platies.

  • Going on vacation and not sure what to do with the pets?

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    When we go traveling and our pets have to stay home, we often are stressed and so can our pets be. What can we do to make it easier for them? How do they see it when we go away? Charlie has a lot of experience with Suzy leaving and he can share the dos and don’ts of owners going away! And even Suzy’s cat had some tricks to share on how to make it easier and less stressful for her. 
    When going on vacation, should you find a pet sitter, or kennel your pets? Hear Charlie’s perspective and what Suzy has found out over time while talking to pets and their owners.

  • Dealing with the not so fun parts of summer

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    Summer is so much fun for us and our pets. More outdoor activities, more playtime and also more of these not so fun things. Like fleas, ticks and the heat itself. What is a dogs perspective on the pests that get on his body and suck his blood? IS there something we can do besides putting chemicals on him?
    And how do our dogs deal with the heat in the summer? What do they ‘think’ about that? And do we need to be aware of their tolerance levels? Find out more about the summer dealings from Charlie and Suzy.

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