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  • Aquarium Talk the Podcast: Freshwater vs. Saltwater Discussion!!!

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    On this episode of Aquarium Talk the Podcast LIVE on American Variety Network, fish keeper and host Aqua Alex will be comparing Freshwater to Saltwater on this show. Which one does Alex think is the best? Which one is the most popular in the Aquarium hobby? This will be a really fun show for me to host as a fish keeper!!!
    Topics for the Show:
    -The good and Bad of Freshwater
    -My Favorite Fish in Freshwater
    -The good and bad of Saltwater
    -Why I like Saltwater
    -My favorite fish in Saltwater
    -Which side of the hobby would I reccomend?
    Feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 to offer your thoughts and pick a side of the hobby.

  • Dog Training and Empowerment For Women by Channeling Mother Nature's Ways

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    Camilla Gray-Nelson, the Dog Talk Diva, has been training dogs and their people for over 20 years. No "ordinary" dog trainer, she's an empowerment specialist! She was raised on her family's dairy farm and learned from her animal friends that power and influence are not necessarily related to size or strength. She shares the secrets of Mother Natures quiet power with her clients today.
    Camilla owns and operates Daireydell Canine Doggie Dude Ranch and Training Center. Camilla's positive energy and her unexpected and successful approach to dog training have made her a sought-after speaker, a favorite radio guest across the country, and an engaging television personality.  
    What to take from the interview today.
    Understand power takes many forms. Set your boundaries with love and a smile! Follow-through on EVERY request. Stop yelling and start controlling. Questions Camilla will be asked.
    1. Why a dog training book for WOMEN? Isn't dog training, dog training?
    2. What are a women 's biggest challenges with her dog and he biggest mistakes?
    3. You had an interesting mentor growing up. Tell us about Piggy the Cow...
    4. Even though LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH is about women managing dogs, the underlying message about leadership and personal power is woven throughout the book. Did you plan it that way?
    5. Where can people find LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH?
    6. Your chapter, "A Woman's Kryptonite - Stay Away From It!" is intriguing. We all know Superman's Krytonite, but what in the world is a "Woman's Kryptonite"?
    Camilla Gray-Nelson

  • Blue Tongue Skinks- Some morelia etc. with Zach Baez

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    In this morelia etc. episode we will be be discussing Blue tongue skinks aka BTS. It seems that BTS have been gaining more and more popularity with morelia keepers and the reptile world in general.
    We will be talking with Zach Baez from Dark Side Exotics about the natural history, his approach to keeping and break down some of the misconceptions about them in captivity. We will talk about breding and some of the different morphs that people are currently working with.

  • Cat Grooming Talk with Danelle German CFMG, CFCG

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    12/13/15 1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern
    Danelle German returns to GroomerTALK Radio to answer your questions and give us the latest news on cat grooming techniques and careers. Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG is a speaker, director and instructor and founder of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. Don't miss this opportunity to call in toll-free from the US to get answers to your cat grooming questions of any kind. If you cannot attend the show live send your questions to Stephen the host by email and he will ask for you. Then listen to the show recording at a later date to hear the answers to your questions. Email findagroomer@earthlink.net. You can learn more about cat grooming and Danelle at www.nationalcatgroomers.com. 

  • 2015 holiday show

    in Pets

    In this episode, the last episode of the year, we will be hanging out and closing out another awesome year of Morelia Python Radio. Thanks to all of the guests that made this another awesome year and thanks to all of you, for tuning in every week and spending some time with us.
    We will be back on 01/05/16 for another awesome year of geeking out about reptiles!

  • Grooming Tools & Sharpening with Jeff Andrews of Northern Tails Sharpening

    in Pets

    Sunday Jan. 24, 2016 at 4PM Eastern. Jeff Andrews of Nothern Tails Sharpening is one of the industry's most helpful advisors to groomers on any and everything about tool care. We publish his articles regularly in PetGroomer.com Magazine (see archive of past issues). Many of the problems groomers have with their tools develop from not knowing techniques and timeliness of proper care. Jeff is here to answer your questions and bring us new advice to keep your tools helping you to groom more effectively and easily.

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  • Pet Emergency & Disaster Planning with Mary Oquendo

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    Sunday, 3/20/16, 1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern Mary Oquendo, PTI, CCS. Mary Oquendo returns to GroomerTALK Radio to answer your questions and share her expertise in pet emergency and disaster planning. Mary is the owner and stylist of Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon in Danbury,Connecticut and one of only 13 Certified Master Pet Tech Instructors worldwide. She leads pet educational seminars and takes a holistic approach to handling animals. Her titles include both both Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Therapist. She is the East Coast Chair of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America, as well as a Certified Master Cat Groomer and certifier. Mary is a proud member of the New England Pet Grooming Professionals organization, and a Certified Canine Specialist with PIJAC.I am the founder of Pawsitive Educational Training, Mary has been nominated for the coveted Cardinal Crystal Mobile Groomer of the Year in 2011. She also works with the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund, and continues her passion is to bring educational opportunities to groomers and pet owners everywhere. She shares her heart and home with my husband Ernesto and 4 spoiled dogs.

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