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Best selling author and motivational speaker, Peter LaPorta entertains us as the master of motivation, the guru of guest service, and many family issues.

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It it summer. Kids are out of school and the world is filled with vacations, beach, and BBQs. Are summer camps still a part of your summer plans? If so, are they just a glorified babysitting service? Join me as we explore the wacky world that... more

Autism Awereness Month is about to end. Did you learn anything? Do you know that the world is in an epidemic? Do you know what is being done about it? Tune in for this informative episode about Autism. What is it? What does it look... more

Know when to fold up...know when to walk away...When is it time to make a change? How do you know you are driving down a one way dead end if there are no signs? Or are there? It is ok to shift gears, take a different path, try... more

You turn 40. You tell yourself that this is the new 30. As the calendar clicks by, you find yourself approaching 50. You tell yourself that it will be the new 40. Where did the years go? Is life everything you thought it would be? Where did... more

The battle over minimum wage is heating up. What side of the battle line are you on? How will giving a couple dollars more to minimum wage earnings effect your family? Join us as we dive into this heated debate. You may not realize how it... more

How do you measue success? Is it in the number of zeros in your bank account or the fortunes that surround you? Is it represented by the grandeur of your house or in the happy eyes of your children? Perhaps you have achieved success... more

Does family motivate you?Husbands, wives, children are there every day. What about your parents? Do you excel because they did not or does their fame push you to perform better? Join me as we explore the world of family and... more

You just received an invitation to your class reunion. In your mind you picture the bald, the overweight and the beautiful. But wait, you see those pictures every day on Facebook and Twitter. Are reunions becoming a thing of the past? What... more

2013 has been an interesting year. What have you been doing the past 364 days? Did you reach your goals? Did you fall down seven times and get up eight? Tune in as we look at some amazing stories of people and what they changed... more

Moving furniture. Blinking lights. Special sounds. While we all embrace the holidays like a feast for the senses, they can all be overwhelming for a child on the Autism Spectrum. Sensory overload is everywhere for the special... more