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    Beyond Codependency

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    Do you know the actual definition of codependent? No? That’s okay, because no one does. It’s a term that was created by treatment professionals in the 80’s. In the early 80’s when treatment centers became overrun with people abusing and addicted to alcohol and drugs, clinicians attempted to lump them all together and find one label to cover the myriad of phases of addiction their clients were showing up in (read: diagnoses were becoming more and more difficult to make, and were often wrong). This led to a change in the terminology from “alcoholism” and “addicted” to “chemical dependency”. On tonight's podcast we'll discuss where the term "codependent" came from, and whether or not it actually applies to you.

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    "The Clean Home vs The Dirty Home"

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    It's been said that it's better to worry about your children more than a dirty home because you'll never get that time back. On the other hand, It's also been said that children need a clean, organized home and thrive in a structured environment...that a clean home can literally have a positive, physiological affect on parents.  We invite you to weigh in and vote on which you think is better and why!
    Julie Hatch is and international family mentor and advocate.  She loves to help parents bridge the gap with their children and get off of the hamster wheel of fatigue, frustration and fear-based parenting.  To learn more about Julie and her services, visit OllinConnections.com or schedule a FREE discovery session on her online planner:  Calendly.com/Julie-connector.

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    What do you see when you look in the mirror of your child(ren) face?

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    Remember when you were a child and your friends would say you look just like your mom or dad. Then in your teenage years you would say things like I am never going to treat my kids like my parents treat me. Then as a young adult you start to realize you act or behave just like you parents. The one day you wake up as an adult and realize you have become your parents and you are shocked !!! So the lessons you have learned growing up have now become a way of your life. Then you look in the mirror of your child's face and realize that you want to change somethings about you ! What are the questions that start to form in your mind as you look in the mirror of you child? How far from what you taught them have you grown or not? What things do you want to change from the inside out in order to help your children by first helping your self?

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    Advocating Vs. Suffocating: Helping Care Takers Take Care PART TWO

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    In PART TWO of this episode of Foundations, we will explore the difference between "Advocating" and "Suffocating" and learn additional tips on how to reduce stress and enjoy our time with our children or the children we are working with.

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    Bud Veno

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    Join me!

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    Stop Fatherlessness

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    Fatherlessness is an epidemic and its time to face it head on. Children who growup fatherlessness take this dissappointment into their adulthood which creates a ripple affect that has detoriated the family structure for hundreds of years. It is time to address the harsh realities of fatherlessness, but also find solutions that will create a better future. Fatherlessness doesn't have a race, but it affects us all. Join us as we tackle fatherlessness one stop sign at a time.

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    Brighton Center Interview with the Experts: Speech and Occupational Therapy

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    Lauren Garleff-CCC-SLP and Paige Scott, OTRL join host Holly Carter for a conversation about child development.  Call in live during the show and ask your child development questions!

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