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    Patti Teel Dream Flight Productions

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    Children and sleeping

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    Growing Up Liam

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    We introduce our wonderful two year old (Liam) to you all. We focus on sharing our story of Liam's progression in regards to his vocabulary is early ability to read and much more.

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    Episode #105: The #1 Paper Management Tool for Students

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    Host Jennifer Hatfield discusses the #1 {foolproof} tool that will help students manage their paper better. Gone are the days of papers strewn about everywhere, lost homework and misplaced important papers. 
    In addition to the show, grab the FREE template that will walk you through selecting and using the tool with your student. 
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    Your Crazy Middle Schooler - What do you when...?

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    Have you ever thought, "Am I the only parent with a crazy kid?" or "Am I really missing the boat here?" Middle schoolers can be crazy and if you are not on your toes, you will soon be on board the rollercoaster of emotion that often accompanies the middle school years. As a parent of two (teens), coach to thousands and teacher to even more, I have experienced the best and the worst of what the middle school years can bring. At its best, your kids tell you they love you and may even give you a hug. At its worst, your kids will tell you they hate you and wish you weren't their mom/dad anymore. Heartbreaking. Navigating the middle school years successfully takes patience and a plan, if you are interested in seeing your kids when they become teens and in their later adult years. Join me for a 15-minutes each month as I share a few stories, strategies and hope that will keep you and your middle schooler moving forward.

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    Tips for Tax Preparations 2016

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    We will cover last minute tips to maximize your tax refund for 2016.
    The best options to file for those who are self employed or have minimal income.
    What new tax changes are taking place for 2016. 
    For those who typically owe each year, what they can do to help minimize the amount they owe the IRS. Payment plan options? 
    Information on tax deductions for small business owners.

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    Stellar Awards Voting

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    Robyn has a chance to become an actual noniminee for The next Stellar Awards for her single " HE'S B4 ME"!    I will be playing that single for you today and talking about this amazing child of God. Including the production she will be in soon it is called From Crack to Christ and T-PAC production.

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    Dana Wendt - CEO of Golden Family Co. Talks JOUZGE & It's Effect on Teen Girls

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    What GIRLS Need & What They Want 
    Our girls are bombarded by negative messages from the magazines they simply see on the shelves at the grocery store to the labels on the food they eat. This makes them think they have to be skinnier, prettier and sexier. While raising her daughter, who is now 16, Dana Wendt realized most food products for women, which teenaged girls see their mothers eat and want to emulate, reinforce the negative messages with weight management names and taglines. Can you believe 80 percent of 10-year-old girls are on a diet? A diet! Before their bodies have even hit puberty. And, by the time they become teenagers, more than half are unhappy with their bodies. That number increases to more than three-quarters by the time they are 18. These statistics, combined with Dana's experience, forced her to take a look at the industry and figure out how we can change the message. It became a call-to-action to create a great snack line for girls that ditches the crappy messages and crappy ingredients and instead reminds girls that they are amazing. That they have JOUZGE. Tonight, parents and teens will have the opportunity to learn valuable tools that will empower and inspire all girls to activate their Power To The Girl!  
    Meet Dana Wendt ~ CEO of Golden Family Company and Founder of JOUZGE. I am here because of a passion to remind my daughter and all girls that they are amazing; that they have JOUZGE. 
    Meet Becca Moore ~ Education Expert in Massillon, Ohio & Director of Education for Non-Profit Organization Girls Above Society. Becca's genuine voice empowers parents & girls to rise above the negatives teens face in today's society. 

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    MyMayu Boots: Prepping Little Feet for Winter

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    Join Danielle, owner of Glow Maternity, and Suzanne, founder and owner of MyMayu boots, while they discuss this great Canadian company from North Vancouver and why this product is a must have for all-seasons in the great Canadian North.

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    Mommy Wars

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    Laurette Lynn offers commentary and perspectives on the ongoing battle between parents who make contrasting decisions in childcare.  From co-sleeping to vaccinating, viewpoints, opinions and sometimes even truths of "right and wrong" are loosely defined.  The struggle continues and many advocates fiercely defend and promulgate the agenda and plight of parental decisions.   But Laurette proposes that the ferocity of activism is not always in the best interest of the child, but is instead a otherwise unnecessary stroke of ego. Listen in to the pondering, then the suggested solutions offered on how to communicate our views more effectively and truly make it about learning and improving as parents, and as people.  WARNING: SOME POTENTIALLY UNSUITABLE LANGUAGE IS USED. PLEASE LISTEN WITH DISCRECION  For more information visit Laurettelynn.com  To suggest a topic or be a guest, contact: info at Laurettelynn . com

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    Screen Time and Digital Media: A Parent and Educator’s Perspective

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    Today’s Brains in Toyland segment regards screen time and the use of various media in early childhood.
    Our guest is Candis Grover, Director of Literacy & Spanish Development at ReadyRosie, an organization that provides fun and family-friendly resources to help parents prepare children for school.
    We’ll talk about the screen time and digital media use recommendations of The American Academy of Pediatrics, how to engage with your child, and the use of technology in education.
    We hope you and joy. Dont forget to follow us on Facebook!
    Best, The KidsAtoZ Team

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    Parent 2 Parent Talk

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    Parent Action Community (PAC) was established in 2005 by parents concerned with the behavior and condition of today's youth. We are a fully-accredited 501(c)3 charity equipping young adults for the responsibility of leadership.
    OUR MISSION: To Equip, Empower, and Educate "At-Risk" Youth And Young Adults between the ages of 13 and 24. We develop their Knowledge, Personal Skills, and Motivation to Reduce Adolescent Pregnancies, High School Dropout Rates, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Juvenile Delinquencies, and Reduction In Crimes through a Comprehensive, Community-Wide Collaborative Effort to Improve Academic Achievement in order to be Career and College-prepared.