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Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls Radio - BEAUTY. BRAINS. REAL TALK.


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BEAUTY. BRAINS. REAL TALK. Every man wants to know the answer to the age-old question…”What do women realy want?” Paper Dolls is designed to give men unprecedented access to the “girls” locker room and to give women the voice they have been waiting to have heard. Paper Dolls is centered around the lives and outlooks of creator Dannyell Mitchell and her partners in crime T. Strong, Shannon G.-J and Atheia Burke with discussions on men, sex, money, power and all things in between. Predicated on their fifteen-year friendship, the Paper Dolls draw influences from their various “life journeys” and the lessons they have learned along the way. Offering a fresh face to urban radio, the quartet lends encouragement to those looking for support, confirmation, or a different perspective with wit, compassion and uncensored candor. Tune in Wednesdays on Blog Talk Radio at 10pm EST for reaity radio at it's finest...literally.

On-Demand Episodes

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PAPER DOLLS RADIO!!!! The old cliche is "hindsight is always 20/20", and as with most cliches they are rooted in some truth. It is easy to look back over your life's experiences and determine what you would have... more

In the land of the Dolls the ladies call all the shots but every now and again (don't get comfortable these times are few and far between) we allow the men in our lives to invade our hour of sanctity and actually utter a word. Shocking... more

Guess what? We are human. Yeah, seems simple enough however many people forget what comes with our humanity. FLAWS! As hard as we work to transform ourselves into a bigger, better, faster version of "me" at the end of the day we... more

We all talk about the "greats", those that embody that all time tune "I Did It My Way". They have had their share of both success and failure starting companies, loosing them and beginning again. One thing is consistent, as the founder of... more

Although we wish it real hard (with our eyes closed) we unfortunately do not have unlimited access to a life's "easy button" nor a rewind, freeze frame, or delete button on our soundtrack of life. We are charged with the daunting responsibility... more

Every creative force has a muse and for the Dolls they are the iconic women of Sex in the City. Aside from the legendary fashion trends Carrie Bradshaw also inspired many with her fresh-faced column. Straight from the infamous laptop of... more

On paper you have it all: luxury sedan, 4 bedroom home, 2.5 kids, six figure salary, husband, and of course the dog (or cat, if you must). You are right on track with your five year plan and may actually be ahead of schedule for... more

Today is "I AM IN CONTROL DAY", but are you really? We often like to live in the illusion that we are in control however that is virtually impossible to accomplish. As long as you are living and breathing and interacting with others you will... more

In honor of National Bubble Week the Dolls are embarking on an hour of bubble bursting conversation. Tune in as the Dolls explore the hazards of insulating yourself in a proverbial "bubble" and the stresses associated with the inevitable... more
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