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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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In this episode we'll continue to look at the question of "should a Christian practice Martial Arts," and we'll also look at Christianity and Yoga. We'll also look at the question of bringing former pagan Native American practices into... more

Tonight I'll be talking about several things. First I want to look at Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson. Both of these men go by the title of "Reverend." What does "reverend" mean? Is it a good title to use? Are these men really believers in... more

Tonight I will be talking with Ken Ralls. Ken is a neat brother that, from all observances, has a parallel ministry and life with mine. Ken and I will be talking about prepping for the bad times ahead as well as current events. We will also... more

While flying back from Israel I had the blessing of sitting across the aisle from Greg Gulbrandsen, a Christian archaeologist. We talked quite a bit about his mission and his ministry. Tonight we'll talk with Greg and get the whole scoop... more

Tonight I want to talk about our trip to Israel. What was it like over there? Are we getting hyped up press about the situation in Israel? What reflections did I pick up while there? I also want to talk about all of the civil unrest that is going on with... more

Tonight I'll be talking with Frank Castanette. Frank is a friend and my pastor as well as the host of Exposing The Nicolaitan that used to air on our network. Frank comes to us to discuss various things that are on his heart and things that are... more

Today we're doing an earlier show because of the time difference between Israel and the Pacific Coast of the United States. While here I have made friends with a man who is quite interesting. I'll talk with this man to get his ideas on some... more

The Jewish people have been accused of many things in the past and there have been some new things that they're accused of. Lets look at this stuff, shall we?

Tonight we will look at some of the modern doctrines of the church at large and why we should be careful in what we take in as food in regard to doctrine. There is a difference between core foundational beliefs and doctrines.... more

Tonight, Opposing The Matrix will be broadcasting a previous show that was very popular and was downloaded a lot. Tonight we'll revisit the fact that we're at the end of all things and we'll talk about what we as believers in Yeshua need... more