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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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Earlier this year, Bishop of the Evangelical Episcopal Churches of South Africa held a meeting with the Pope. In attendance were James Roberson and Kenneth Copeland, among others. All of these people see the need to bring all churches... more

This Saturday on Exposing The Matrix, Dave and Jim will be looking at how to identify and what to do about False Shepherds and False Sheep. What are the signs and how do we spot them. The difference between errant teachers... more

Recently, Elton John came out with a statement that Jesus would accept Gay Marriage, thus proclaiming that Jesus would condone homosexuality. The modern Church seems to be split on this subject. What would the Biblical (real) Jesus... more

Last week we were a little sidetracked by various subjects that we were led to discuss. This week we'll continue our talk about the Modern Church of Laodicea, and what many call "Churchianity." We'd also like to touch on the subject... more

So, what is the "Church of Laodicea" mentioned in Revelation. Some think that it is a representation of the Last Day's Church. Some believe that it has been with us throughout history. Tonight we'll take a look at Laodicea, what it means... more

Since we didn't do a show on Saturday, we're making it up by doing one tonight. Tonight we will expound on recent things that we have talked about and we might just throw in a few new subjects. Hope you will join us

As I type this, hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants are entering into our nation. The Civil War that we have all feared is soon going to be a reality. There has been a call put out for people to go to Texas to join Militia to secure the... more

Tonight Dave and Jim will talk about many of the current events and how they fit into what is happening to the USA and the world. There is a lot to talk about. We hope you'll not only listen, but participate in our conversation. The show starts at... more

The Middle East has always been a boiling pot. Scripture talks about four future wars. Two of them, the Ezekiel 38/39 War and the Psalm 83 wars appear to be the wars on the horizon. The question is, which one will come first? What... more

Tonight Blogtalk threw us a hardball. For some reason our show that was set to to on for 2 hours only went for 15 minutes. We're rescheduling again for tomorrow Sunday, 6/21/2014 with the same show. We'll be talking about just about... more