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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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This Saturday we have a real treat. Jim and Dave are going to interview Bobby Powell, a Christian Activist that an author on WesternJournalism.com as well as the author of Truth Is Viral, that can be found on Facebook as well as... more

Tonight I'm going to present a controversal subject that many cults have used to go down the wrong path. Even today people like those who lead the NAR pervert the scriptures that we will examine tonight to write off Israel ad a physical race... more

A cornucopia is a horn of plenty. This Saturday we're going to open up the doors to a variety of subjects; things we've talked about before like: same but opposite, phone rapture, phony resurrectiond, the Nephilim and anything anyone... more

Tonight we'll talk about Christian Extremism. Where does it stem from and what perpetuates it? Why do so many people feel drawn to things that aren't sanctioned by scripture or flat out go against scripture. We'd like your input too. Feel free... more

This coming Saturday, 01/24/2015, Russ Tanner from globalskywatch.org will be with us to tell us about his research into the Chemtrail phenomenon. Russ has done extensive research and his website is one of the most concise... more

Have you ever heard of ChemTrail Flu? Have you ever come down with it? What on earth are they spraying out of the aircraft that are leaving the trails that linger on sometimes for hours or all day? Is there a health risk? We're going to look... more

This last week we've seen what happened in France against people who dared to express their opinions about Islam and also against the Jews of Paris. The Jews of France are exiting enmass and the French are worried about their... more

This Saturday Dave and Jim will have our friend Jonathan Gray on the show. Jonathan has sent out some very interesting newsletter updates about the actual age of the Sphinx and the pyramids. He's also written about the... more

In this show we'll examine who God's Chosen People really are. Does the Church replace Israel as the Apple of Yahweh's Eye? Had Yahweh rejected Israel forever? This is an important subject and needs to be studied in order to... more

This Saturday on Opposing The Matrix we'll be mulling over what might possibly be in store for us this coming year. While only The God of Israel knows what will happen, we can see the "signs of the times," setting themselves up around the... more