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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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We're living in a age when evil is called good and good is called evil. Both adults and children are being bombarded with evil that is presented in a good way. What do we do with such things? How do we react? What is proper in God's eyes?

In this episode of BAI-YA-MIM I'm going to talk about the New Apostolic Revival, which is the main heading over Dominionism, Replacement Theology and other things that some Charasmatic's are involved in. I hope you find the show helpful... more

The Greek word for "knowledge" is gnosis. There are many believers today that are book smart and street stupid. They sit around going through great debates about doctrine and dogma, but they fail to evangelized a lost and dying... more

Has Satan assigned Nephilim men and women to sidetrack the called aware of their presence in these last days? Our guest, Tony from Florida will be bringing us three testimonies that speak that they have, this Saturday on Opposing... more

So what does happen when we die? Is there such a thing as soul sleep? Was there already a resurrection of the dead? Does space/time somehow fit into the equation? What happened between the time that Jesus died and He was... more

Last week we talked about how our lives are in a matrix and how there is an incursion into time by beings from within other parts of and outside of the matrix. What we didn't talk about is who is doing the incursion and when they are... more

Oooh, a mystery. Actually, we do have a topic to talk about. The thing is that with having to take the Nursing Board tests this week, that was my focus and I forgot the topic. So, it's as much a mystery to me as it is to you. Jim knows however.... more

Jonathan Gray will be with us this Saturday night. He will be discussing instances where artifacts "disappear," are confiscated and where archaeologists are threatened or die when they discover finds that go against he status quo of... more

Today in my introductory show I will be talking about the Anti-Jewish Palestinian Appeal that a lot of Christians and the world has. What spurs it on. Are there Palestinians?

Hoshea (Hosea) was an interesting man. He married and had three children whose names were dictated by God. Each name had a meaning in the historic scheme of Israel. We know that any nation that calls itself after Yahweh, the... more