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We show how Biblical Scripture is being played out in current and future events. We're exposing the Matrix of Deception in the light of God's Word.

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What many people fail to notice is that in the realm of Christian Researchers, there is a sizable number of women in our ranks. Two of those women, Connie Huft, and Erin Dakens will be on our show this Saturday to share with us... more

God's perspective of time is not like ours. He lives outside of linear time and sees thing differently than we do. We place a great deal of effort trying to understand prophecy, doctrine and other things on our perspective of time. Does that... more

This Saturday Jim and Dave will be interviewing three up and coming researchers. We'll be talking with Daniel Duval, Rob Baxter III (aka Calm Crash), and Josh Peck. These three men are fantastic researchers. We will be talking with each... more

There are a lot of factors at play in the world and it seems that everything is spiralling down the drain. Well, that is true for sure. It is easy to blame our "elected" leaders or those who take power via coup or other means. Are the... more

This Saturday Dave and Jim will be continuing our talk about the End of America. What does the future hold for Americans? What role does the United States play in prophecy? Is there a lasting legacy for America? Come and listen... more

On this episode we'll be talking about a variety of subjects. What is America's future? The America being Babylon Controversy. Will there be martial law and/or civil war in America's future? These things seem to be on the horizon for... more

This Saturday Dave and Jim will continue their talk about a false rapture and false resurrection. Last week they talked about the possibility of a false resurrection, where clones of our departed loved ones might come to deceive us to believe in... more

It seems as though the "spiritual wickedness in high places," is again trying to condition our society to expect something strange and bizarre. For years they have conditioned us to believe in UFOs, aliens and alien abduction. Now, they... more

Hi Y'all. Tonight Jim and Dave will have an abbreviated show. We'll be talking about how things are going with the show and also avenues that we will be going down for a little while. Hope you can listen in.

We get a lot of letters from people asking us questions and we get letters from people giving us cudo's. Tonight we're going to explore some of the questions that people ask of us. We hope that you'll join in and even call in.