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-So What will You be Doing After The Rapture??? Will you Be Running Around Scared, wishing you were Dead….Will You Accept The Mark of The Beast (System), The Chip and become Part of The One World Order???

The Raptureis when GOD ALLMIGHTY comes  and Takes HIS SPIRIT off of The Earth…Think abowt it…The Way HIS Human CREATION has been Rejecting HIM and Those who Accept HIM through owt the ages…GRACE RUNS Owt or has an End  Eventually.

Genesis 1:1-2-THE SPIRIT of GOD was hanging over the waters in the beginning before GOD CREATED Anything on the Earth.

Matthew 24:20-46 Now I have heard people say that they are going to be here after CHRIST Comes Back to Gather us Home to HIMSELF but as for me, Im PRAYING that My Flight may not be in Winter or On The Sabbath because that’s gonna be when The Great Tribulation Takes Place…Me Personally Im Looking For Jubilation instead. BUT Of That Day And Hour No One Knows, not even The Angels of HEAVEN, but MY FATHER Only (Matthew 24:36). So wether its Before or Afta The Tribulation Our FAITH MUST ENDURE till THE END. See ya Saturday @ 11am!