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    Brain Training/ Healing with Sound

    in Nutrition

    Certified hypnotherapist and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems guru,Craig Walker, will be sharing his geek's perspective into this exciting brain training with sound system.
    Sandy Cameron NC RMT, also known as "The Farmer Chick," is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Usui Reiki Master.
    Her passion for food began as a child with a desire to become an ethnobotanist. Her service range from a need to break a diet soda habit to rounding out a vegan diet to working with health challenges to learning how to make soup. She also dabbles in Herbal Medicine, having various products she offers to locals, fans, and clients. She has worked with her own son to overcome moderate autism.
    Sandy will guide you to healthier options for you that assist you with Mind, Body and Soul Balancing.

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    All You Want to Know About P4P Muscle Supplements

    in Nutrition

    What is P4P all about? 
    I post about their supplements all the time and have been using them since 2014. Maybe you have wondered, what the heck is the deal with P4P? 
    Well, this is the time to find out. I will have Co-Founder, Joe manning on Fit Talk for 30 minutes to educate about P4P's supplements and what they stand for as a company. Tune is to learn about their Protein, BCAA's, Creatine/Glutamine, Pre-Workouts and most important the launch of the newest Pre-Workout that will hit the public soon!! 

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    Dr. Llaila Afrika Comes to Houston, TX.

    in Nutrition

    Dr. Llaila O. Afrika comes to Houston, TX. March 25 - 26, 2016 to the Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural & Events Center. 
    Dr. Afrika is an internationally known lecturer, teacher, historian, bestselling author, and health consultant. He is also a nutritional consultant, massage therapist, certified addictionologist, accupuncturist, and Doctor of Naturopathy. He has studied in countries such as Africa and Europe. Dr. Afrika is also the author of over 80 different CD'S, DVD'S, and books on variious health, history, and nutritional topics.
    Join us as we welcome Dr. Llaila Afrika to houston, TX. after a 10 year hiatus! For tickets to this event, Go to www.afrikahealth.com 
    During the second hour of the show, we will be speaking with Sarah Jane Swanson. Ms. Swanson is running for the 127th District Court in Harris County. She has the Experience, Honors & Accomplishments, Education, and Community Involvement to have an effective presence in the 127th District Court.
    Ms. Swanson will be discussing with us the importance of judging fairly, She will also share with us her goals and visions for the 127th District Court. Let's welcome for the first time to the "Know Thyself" Radio Network, Sarah Jane Swanson!
    For more information concerning Sarah Jane Swanson and her concerns for the 127th District, go to www.swansonforjudge.com 

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    Your Immune System – Are You Losing The Battle Within?

    in Nutrition

    Your immune system is your first line of defense. Imagine it to be like the general and army of your body, looking out for invaders and bad guys. The health of your immune is vital to your very existence. Without an immune system you would literally die. Think about immune deficient illnesses such as AIDS or the boy in the bubble.  Well those are extreme examples. But, even just a slight suppressed immune system can cripple you with the likes of flus, colds, headaches, nausea, general tired feeling, mental fogginess or worse.
    It is the immune systems job to take care of you, so you must take care of it! There are many things that you can do to help it stay strong and efficient and it all starts with what you put in your mouth on a daily basis. Your immune system is strongly related to your gut health as 70-80% of it resides in your colon. A optimal functioning immune system must collaborate efficiently with your entire system in order for you to attain and maintain wellness.
    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will discuss problems and strategies related to your immune system.
    He will cover the following:
    Was Exactly Is Your Immune System & Why Do You Have It How Does It Function - The General & His Army The Language Of Your Immune System The War Inside When Your Immune System Defects & Becomes The Enemy How To Win The Battle Top 13 Foods For A Happy General & Healthy Army Foods That Weaken Your Troops Supplements – Arming Your Forces … and much, much more!
    So stay tuned for 30 minutes of strategies that can win the war!
    Meanwhile, click on www.WeiserLiving.com for more interesting articles, videos, recipes, products and consultation packages!

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    Dr Sebi Who & What [Advocates For Dr. Sebi]

    in Nutrition

    Check in and listen to "Cleanz My Soul Dr. Sebi." A song by Philly Chase, commissioned through Zee Malachi as a gift to the learning family and fan base of Dr. Sebi. We'll be talking about our experiences with Dr. Sebi's herbs, time in Usha Village and how we all struggled to ween ourselves away from acid foods and still do. Testimony, questions and comedians welcome as we address the things that Dr. Sebi has said over the years.

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    Maximize Your Health Goals for 2014 with Naturopath Dr. Andrea Maxim

    in Nutrition

    Dr. Andrea Maxim is one of Southern Ontario's leading naturopathic doctors and the creator of ‘The Maxim Movement’; a movement helping people move towards MAXIMizing their Digestion, MAXIMizing their Hormones, MAXIMizing their Weight Loss and of course MAXIMizing their Health! Following the foundational needs of the body, Dr. Maxim offers a step-wise program of removing triggers (food sensitivities, heavy metals, stress, environmental toxins), detoxifying the body and then flooding the body with nutrients to get it functioning and healing properly.  To support her vision, Andrea is currently completing her novel "MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones" soon to be available for pre-sale now. Please visit her website at www.themaximmovement.com and find out how you can become the next member of The Maxim Movement!  

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    Nutrition and Wellness with Dr. Steve Nelson

    in Nutrition

    It's cold and flu season. This week Dr. Nelson will be discussing the immune system and how to nurture your self through the Winter. 
    Join us for our weekly discussion with Dr. Steve Nelson of Synergy Wellness Clinic in Palm Desert, CA. Dr. Nelson was named a 'Top 20 Doctor ' in Suzanne Somers book "Breakthrough."
    Each week Dr. Nelson discusses how nutrition, detoxification, whole foods and supplements can help with a variety of topics like stress, sleeplessness, weight and many others. 
    Dr. Steve Nelson is dedicated to providing information about quality naturopathic medical care. His focus is in advanced integrative metabolic medicine, homeopathy and clinical nutrition.
    At Synergy Wellness Clinic, Dr. Steve Nelson and his Wellness Team help patients improve their health in all aspects, using innovative and proven holistic ideas and techniques to take a whole new approach to health and wellness.
    Tune in each week as Dr. Nelson shares his knowledge about nutrition, detoxification and nutritional supplements to help create a healthier you. 

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    Is Gluten-Free the Cure For All?

    in Nutrition

    Is a gluten-free diet the cure for all? How has gluten-free turned into a trend? Is a gluten-free diet recommended for weight loss? Inflammation? Arthritis? Find these answers and more by listening on Thursday, May 26th, from 12:30pm – 1:30pm PT (3:30pm – 4:30pm ET). The Eating Free Dietitians, Manuel Villacorta and Sarah Koszyk, will discuss the hottest gluten-free topics with the internationally renowned Gluten-Free Nutrition Expert, Shelley Case, RD http://www.glutenfreediet.ca/index.php. Shelley is frequently featured on the Today Show at NBC and CBC Newsworld. She is also the author of the book, The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide. Listen to the team as they break the myths and confirm the facts about living Gluten-Free.

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    Healing Autoimmunity: My story of remission from Hashimoto's Disease

    in Nutrition

    My story of remission from Hashimoto's Disease using dietary changes and natural health.

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    The Voice of Diabetes

    in Nutrition

    Interview with Dr. Norm Park, a veteran and retired Professor with expertise in organic farming. He holds an Ed.D. in vocational and adult education, and has spent his career teaching and serving in state departments of education. In his last position, teaching at Dine' College on the Navajo Reservation, he had a fine garden, even at that high elevation (7200 ft.) and short growing season. He writes a regular column on gardening for the Moore Monthly Magazine and often gives talks and demonstrations about a variety of gardening topics to garden clubs and public audiences.
    Dr. Park is also a diabetic. He will be talking about his life long passion for growing vegetables and he will also give us some advice on healthy soil, seeds preservation and farming in your own backyard.

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    More Goals, More Results: Having Goals Other Than Weight Loss

    in Nutrition

    When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, body transformation and body composition goals remain on top of the list. But all too often, individuals use only one measure for their "success" or lack thereof and this one measure is the number on the scale. I don't want to minimize body weight because it is important. But, it's only one measure and one number. When we start to focus on other numbers and other parameters and use these as measures of success, we can start to take our health and fitness to a whole new level.
    We don't want that bodyweight number on the scale to be the leader of us. Rather, we want to be in control and stay in control and therefore we have to understand that there are many other numbers and parameters to follow in order to monitor our success. This is a lifelong journey, let's enjoy every step and let's use some different measures in order to monitor our progress.

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