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Never Strong Enough

Never Strong Enough


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As a spin off of the book, "When is Strong Strong Enough?", by Souraya Christine, we will discuss many issues that test our strength. Each week will visit a new topic with experts, showcase authors and their talents, speak with national organizations, and visit with people with a mission to help change the world! It is the mission of this program to show you that true strength lies within and that, when tested, it can amaze even you! "Never give up...never give in...for the strength to conquer the world lies deep within!" ~Author Souraya Christine Check out the blog: http://? visit

Tonight's Guest: Mo'Kha Uzuri will be with us to enlighten us on her movement: Hues 4 Hope. "Currently I am touring with a movement called Hues 4 Hope. This summer we will be traveling to 8 cities across the US to speak out against suicide and depression within the body of Christ."  var Episode = { ApiRootUrl: '', ads:"Fri, Jun 14, 2013", adTag: "{aid}&c.qdsd={qdsd}&c.tpt={tpt}&c.campaign=", adTagMidroll: "{aid}&c.qdsd={qdsd}&c.tpt={tpt}&c.campaign=", bProfile:false, bitrate:128, customEmbedCode:"Check Out Family Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Never Strong Enough on BlogTalkRadio", CompanionHeight: 250, CompanionId: 'companion1', CompanionWidth: 300, dur:1800000, Duration: 1800, EditDecisionList: [], hostID:277657, HostId: 277657, hostName:"Never Strong Enough", hName:"Never Strong Enough", hUrl:"never-strong-enough", hostUrl:"/never-strong-enough", IsOvaEnabled: true, jwPlayerKey: 'M+3IUee2GQZGAvOG7s09M+SNIWUCGpaekxAXsg==', lp:false, mod:"false", notReady: false, pageName:"never-strong-enough", showDateUTC:1371171600, showDateSTR:"6/14/2013 1:00:00 AM", showFile:'/never-strong-enough/2013/06/14/never-strong-enough.mp3?localembed=showpage&guid=acb50ca9-d261-4980-9587-a11c39c78112', showID:4846709, showImage: "", showLink: "/never-strong-enough/2013/06/14/never-strong-enough", showName:"Never Strong Enough...Hues 4 Hope", sIsMP3LiveStream:"1", skipAds:false, state:"archived", status: "Archived", ttstcd:-3600, ttl:0, wwwroot:"", userID:"1b8b04e1-516c-4b47-86cb-3282766adc21", z:{} } Player.createPlayer(Episode); $(document).ready(function () { MYBTR.setupEpisode(Episode); $(document).on("modulesReady", function() { $(document).trigger("pageWireupReady", Episode); }); });