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Meteor Dodge Ball?

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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The meteors are coming. Their dust is already here! Will we be playing deadly dodge ball with them before long?

The periodic Beta Taurids meteor shower is arriving. Normally displaying some nice, non-threatening shooting stars, with this visit the field of meteors, fragments and dust is larger and may be harboring "stowaway" rocks of substantial size that could cause air explosions or direct hits on the planet.

The big rocks and more dust may have been added in a merging of the Beta Taurids stream with the outer band of another much larger field of objects coming from a different angle.

A flash brighter than the sun will usually precede the pulse from an exploding meteor, which may shatter windows, similar to an atomic blast. This happened a few years ago in 2013, near Chelyabinsk, Russia.

I suggest learning to "duck and cover" like "Burt the Turtle" in the post World War II civil defense cartoon. Extra food and other supplies as well as a support community would be critical if power, businesses and/or infrastructure are knocked out of operation. 

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