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Jon Miller

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Insights on well being, natural health, life, the world, crucial issues, alternatives, being prepared, survival, wholeness and natural reality, from a philosopher, societal analyst, educator, merchant, musician, poet and author.

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The philosophy of natural wisdom and the natural health protocol of relax - detoxify - nourish, applies on all levels. The whole self includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of both the individual and society. The... more

It is time in the northern hemisphere for preparing to plant many vegetable seeds and plants. On the brink of potential disruptions that could interfere with the food distribution system, growing your own organic food is now essential. Organically... more

The economic reality is that we are on the edge of a shocking collapse. Well-respected economists who are not in public propaganda positions say this economic collapse is currently in progress in much of the world, especially... more

High quality super foods provide needed minerals and phyto-nutrients to cells and help slow the aging process. Consuming a variety of organic and wild super foods provides needed trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and pigments that are... more

The more important issues and potential crises are being hidden behind an array of distractions. Politics, government, financial markets, weather, domestic and international issues, celebrities, sports, violence, accidents and disasters - these... more

Cancer has become an epidemic even though it is preventable. It does not come out of the blue. The problem is due to a combination of ignorance and unhealthy conditions. The cancer crisis has been created by the increase of stress and... more

We are in one of the most critical times in known human history. There are a number of important concerns that must be resolved or life as we have known it will be seriously disrupted over the next few years. The most pressing concern... more

The modern day electronic conveniences our population has become dependent on are harming health, reducing intelligence and shortening life. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radiation (EMR), especially microwaves, emitted from... more

To be healthy in unhealthy times depends on learning and pursuing good natural health practices. A lack of nutrients, poor choices of low quality foods, public poisons, stress and inadequate knowledge have caused epidemics of heart... more

There are serious public poisons in and around us that are hidden from our awareness. We must learn about these and do what we can to minimize our exposure while strongly supporting our health. The heavy metal contaminated... more