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Jon Miller

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Insights on well being, natural health, life, the world, crucial issues, alternatives, being prepared, survival, wholeness and natural reality, from a philosopher, societal analyst, educator, merchant, musician, poet and author.

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Mental health has become a major issue. Good sleep and proper nutrition are more important than ever. With inadequate sleep and poor nutrition, it is no wonder that people are disturbed by financial difficulties, social stress, threats of... more

For those paying attention to the world around us, it is clear that choices and actions are needed in response to the changes and challenges in progress. There are signs of crisis all around us: geo-engineering Xs and stripes in the sky,... more

It is wise to be prepared for a time of economic disruption and shortages of supplies, and especially a power outage. Drought, storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, economic collapse, loss of electric power, food shortage, water scarcity,... more

Do you think that what you don't know can't hurt you? That is false. For example, why were most of us not taught how to care of our health in growing up? Some of the most important knowledge for a successful, enjoyable life was left out of... more

An economic collapse seems to be underway. Can a beneficial reset of currencies and trade procedures improve matters? Since the sub-prime mortgage crisis and financial crunch of 2008-9, the economy has not really recovered. The tweaked... more

The immune system is under challenge more than ever from toxins, stress, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. Our overall health is being weakened. Zika, Ebola, MRSA, Lyme disease, avian flu, TB and other deadly germs are circulating, but... more

Herbs are natural plant foods used for better nutrition and natural medicine. Herbal formulas combine multiple herbs to assist the body in cleansing, nutrition and support for certain organs and systems. For example there are formulas... more

Herbs are plants that serve as natural health foods or as natural medicines. Herbs are used for cleansing, nutrition and support for certain organs and systems. Herbs or herbal extracts, used individually or as part of an herbal formula, are an... more

With preliminary conditions that seem to be moving toward major war, a looming economic crisis and the potential for social chaos, it is urgent for people who are aware of it to share the knowledge with friends and relatives and prepare.

The quantity, quality and variety of minerals in the soil our food grows in, as well as in the body, have a great bearing on health and longevity. Mineral deficiency is common due to chemical agriculture and processed food products. It is a major... more