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Insights on life, the world, crucial issues and being prepared from a holistic social analyst, wellness & natural health educator, philosopher, economist, businessman, musician, poet & author.

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Insights on life, world affairs, natural health, society, the economy & being prepared for major changes. Jon is a holistic wellness educator, social analyst, philosopher, author, poet, songwriter & musician, with a background in economics, philosophy, psychology, religion, healing, counseling, personal improvement & business.
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Chemtrails are aerosols sprayed in our skies for ?geoengineering?. This has occurred for nearly 20 years with an unpublicized cover story of combating global warming, but a secret agenda of weather manipulation, poisoning people,... more

There are signs of crisis all around us: chemtrail Xs and stripes in the sky, a troubled economy, including troubles with debt, fraud, money and jobs, the degeneration of society, checkpoints and tracking cameras in cities and on... more

A strong immune system is essential for winter, especially with the challenges of emerging infection agents. Natural living, and essential nutrients can restore health and strengthen the immune system. Certain vitamins, antioxidants,... more

Flax seed is one of the most beneficial foods there is. It is well known for its flax oil, a key source of Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly alpha linolenic acid, that are important for good brain function and calm nerves. Flax also has high quality... more

Most people are victims of mass hypnosis, embedded by media and news events, and often enhanced by drugs. Economic collapse and/or a deadly pandemic may unfold this winter. Social chaos and/or martial law would make city life... more

The quantity, quality and variety of both minerals and microbes in the soil our food grows in, as well as in the body, have a great bearing on health and longevity. If you have the opportunity to grow your own food, building the soil and the life... more

A worthwhile local referendum or initiative can be included on an election ballot by gathering signatures and submitting a petition. For example, an initiative to ban ?fracking?, aka hydraulic fracturing, within the city limits is on the ballot in our... more

Chemtrails are aerosols sprayed in our skies for ?geoengineering?. This has occurred for nearly 20 years with a quiet cover story of combating global warming. Weather control, climate change, severe storms, drought, crop destruction,... more

Water is an amazing substance. However, agricultural, industrial, chemtrail, radioactive and biological pollution contaminate water. Chlorine and fluoride and other chemicals are added by cities. Adequate water intake is essential, but it... more