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Insights on life, the world, crucial issues and being prepared from a holistic social analyst, wellness & natural health educator, philosopher, economist, businessman, musician, poet & author.

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Insights on life, world affairs, natural health, society, the economy & being prepared for major changes. Jon is a holistic wellness educator, social analyst, philosopher, author, poet, songwriter & musician, with a background in economics, philosophy, psychology, religion, healing, counseling, personal improvement & business.
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Public poisons and engineered microbes weaken the immune system and undermine health. Detoxification, super foods and emf protection in addition to key knowledge and a natural lifestyle are essential to strengthen and maintain... more

Life as we know it is in the process of changing. Financial crisis, earth changes, public poisons, social manipulation and hypnotic mind control have been employed by elite powers. At this historic time, the United States may collapse... more

Summer is a time of possible exposure to some bothersome health issues. Simple natural protections and remedies are available for poison ivy, ticks, fleas, sunburn, dehydration and other concerns.

Intel suggests the financial collapse will intensify after July 15. This plus public poisons and mind control are setting us up for the chaos out of which The New World Order will emerge. To survive the changes it is crucial to prepare now.

Thousands of immigrants are flooding across the open southern border. The population is drugged with public poisons and hypnotized with psycho entertainment, limiting educaton, staged terror events, orchestrated war actions... more

A false reality has been established by elite powers using mass hypnosis, staged events, distorted news, controlled media, and exploitation of the normalcy bias. Much knowledge, advanced technology, mind control, public poisons, the... more

Using drugging chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies and altered DNA to lessen intelligence, and mass hypnosis and memes to plant suggestions, as well as distracting events to draw attention from real issues and false flags and psyops... more

A brief recap of the challenging circumstances we face in a short broadcast from out of the office by cell phone. Topics include the powers that be, control issues, health, awareness and survival.

The economy is in serious trouble. The key crisis is massive fraud in the banking system with mortgages and derivatives that could result in millions of people losing their real estate and an economic collapse.