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Insights on life, the world, crucial issues and being prepared from a holistic social analyst, wellness & natural health educator, philosopher, economist, businessman, musician, poet & author.

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Chemtrails have been sprayed in our skies for over 18 years under the quiet protocol of ?geoengineering? to supposedly combat global warming, a major psy op exploiting the climate change in progress to more thoroughly control human life. ?Geoengineering? is the spraying of aerosol chemicals, metals and biological agents in our skies. Weather modification is one purpose, which utilizes the frequencies produced by HAARP- type technologies to cause or move severe storms and droughts, destroying crops, while also poisoning the populace, which serves the eugenics agenda of reducing intelligence and depopulation. We must get together and organize to stop all this and survive.
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Public poisons are a major aspect of the depopulation agenda purposely administered by the criminal cabal that runs the world. This is one of the most serious issues we face. These ubiquitous toxins undermine health and shorten... more

The top elites want a major reduction of the world's population to less than a billion people. These world criminals undermine our health with stress, poor food choices, public poisons in food, water and air, fluoride, GMOs, chemtrails,... more

On the brink of potential disaster that could interfere with the food distribution system, growing your own food is now essential. It is time in the northern hemisphere for selecting the non-GMO heirloom seeds, and for preparing to feed... more

Symbols draw on conscious and unconscious fascination with archetypes, powerful psychological images from human experience, such as male, female, father, mother, child, king, queen, trickster, evil shadow figure, moon, sun and... more

There are signs of crisis all around us: chemtrail Xs and stripes in the sky, numerous earth changes in progress, a collapsing economy, the degeneration of society, hard to avoid public poisons, vaccine propaganda, radiation, false flags,... more

Degenerative disease as well as infection are forms of one disease -- distress. Stress, toxins, and poor nutrition cause this distress of the organism, which may take the forms of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, infection, etc.... more

There are signs of psychological operations old and new that indicate a crisis purposely being unfolded all around us: poisons in food, water and air, chemtrail Xs and stripes in the sky, a troubled economy, including major problems with... more

Much of our thinking about our common lifestyle has been planned and orchestrated over a long time. Psychological operations are developed to impact the beliefs, assumptions and behavior of the whole spectrum of the... more

Life may change dramatically in 2015. Possibilities include an economic crisis, social chaos and/or martial law, serious radiation, even an earth change disaster. Will the economy continue to weakly plod along in 2015, crash into economic... more