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Nathan in a Nutshell

From Nathan to Athan Phynix


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My ramblings & rants on any topic like art, life, potatoes, philosophy, sex, the universe, and other random things. Basically whatever tugs at my spirit, soul, heart, mind or body.

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On July 27, 2012 at 2:09 am, I Nathan, changed my name to ATHAN PHYNIX. This was a transformation of my identity that had been in the works since I was 8 years old, perhaps longer. I used the name given to me by my parents for... more

This episode is about honesty about our internal and external worlds.

Most of us are taught by our parents, friends and culture that other people, events, and situations are responsible for how we feel. We are not taught that we have any control over our thoughts, emotions or feelings except to avoid certain... more

Sex the ultimate taboo... If you want sex it will cost you one or all of these three things; Time, Money, and/or Energy. No exception. So why is prostitution illegal when we are paying for it one way or the other? Why does everyone give... more

It's time for another improvisational heartfelt talk after another day of pondering life and trying to make it through the day.

Part 1.2 of Nathan and Unitarian Universalism..

What is Unitarian Universalism? How did I find out about it? What does it mean to me?

What label is keeping you from just "being" in each new moment? What roadblock is getting in our way this time?

So many people want you to surrender to their vision of who you should be and are not willing to accept your vision. They aren't willing to let you be your Authentic Self. Do not give in! Do not give up! You are unique! You are you for a... more
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