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is an online, forum for the general public, which serves to empower citizens with knowledge and info... Allowing us to restore our country to WE THE PEOPLE!

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Today's show highlights the petitions of "civility" offered by the MOST un-civil political group this country has ever propped up.

Today's episode focuses on the "bottom line" reason all the debate has gone on so long in Washington D.C. How much should government be involved in our lives? How big or small should the outreach be from the Federal level of... more

Educating voters, one citizen at a time. Are you ready to take back control of YOUR country? Let's restore our country to WE THE PEOPLE! After all,... it's NOT about THEM, it's all about "U.S." Visit us at: www.MyCountry.US

Today's Show will recap the NEWS of the day. We'll be taking your calls! www.MyCountry.US

Today's Show will focus on the current events that shape our GREAT nation! We'll thake your calls on the topics of the day...

Today's show will give YOU the opportunity to express YOUR opinion about the events that shape our nation. Bring your ideas, and I'll bring mine! www.MyCountry.US

Discussing TODAY's issues in context. Are you tired of the Axis that has taken away from the American PEOPLE their constitutional right of self-governance? Are you tired of these TWO political parties that ONLY seem to serve their special... more

Today's (1 hr.) show focuses on the fact that many you feel that our elected officials cannot seem to get anything accomplished for the good of the American people or our country... We welcome ANY creative idea(s) that you have, or... more

Defining Conservatism: You've heard it said that liberals are for the "little guy", and conservatives are for "the rich", ... well you were dooped once again by the LEFTIST maniacs... Tune in to today's show... we will arm you with the tools... more

"Restoring our country to WE THE PEOPLE" www.MyCountry.US They've changed the verbage from "Liberal" to "Progressive", from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" ... and more recently from "Legalizing Marijuana" to "... more