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There is a part of our psyche (mind) that is one with the Creator. When we tap into this higher part of ourselves we begin to see the true essence of all that is. This state is reached by activating your third eye (pineal gland) and developing your subconscious mind; or simply turning on your inner vision and becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of. The kingdom of heaven is truly within! We all have spiritual gifts that can and will help us navigate this earthly plane and beyond. Open up your Spirit Mind to the world of intuition, claircognizance (clear knowing), dreams, symbolism, mind elevation, channels, angels, spirit guides, signs, synchronicities and all the other wonderous phenomena! About S. Ali Myers (host) - Ali is a Metaphysics teacher, writer, speaker, and counselor specializing in the interfacing of consciousness with reality.

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Have you ever wondered what gifts you can use to help you live your purpose? Do you feel like there are many things you can do but you don't know where to start? Are there a limited amount of options for you in the workplace? If you... more

We are in full swing in this 9 Universal Year. On a previous episode, we laid out information on what the 9 energy was about. In this episode, we'll share with you how to use the 9 energy to claim your Divinity. The God design is the Etheric... more

REPLAY of a CLASSIC conversation with Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Acharya Kathy Gibson. Visit tybro.com for spiritual tools and teaching that will CHANGE your life!

To kickstart this year in a grand fashion, we will be providing FREE guidance on this first episode of 2016. Joining the platform this week.....Elder Brother Francis Revels-Bey and SirTavion Calvinte. The Elder will be providing intuitive and... more

'Tis the Season......and there's definitely an influx of the Magickal type of Energy during the time of the Holy Days. Additionally, the Cosmos is joining in on the Festivities as well as we come to a Sun Stand Still and bask in the Light of the... more

Tune in for this Special Edition of Mind Right Radio as we metaphysically breakdown 2016. We are coining 2016 the "Universal leap of the 9 Monkey". We will discuss the energy of the "new year" using Numerology, Chinese... more

In this so-called new age, many are claiming to be on a path of ascension and tapping into their higher selves. There's also much talk about opening up chakras and kundalini risings. But, does this notion of a higher self or... more

One of the spiritual truths that many share is that we are NEVER alone. This knowing is amplified by altar work. But, how do the Gods and ancestors communicate to us? Many people get frustrated because they do not have a full... more

As the holy day (holiday) season approaches there is MUCH energy at play. Most people channel this energy into physical, egoic, and materialistic ways. But, as with ALL things, there's an ENERGY or SPIRITUAL underpinning at play. In... more

For ages, civilizations have recognized the unseen forces that occupy our reality. Even today, many believe in ghosts, angels, demons, ETs, deities, fairies and other supernatural beings. In this hair-raising and bone-chilling episode, we will... more