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There is a part of our psyche (mind) that is one with the Creator. When we tap into this higher part of ourselves we begin to see the true essence of all that is. This state is reached by activating your third eye (pineal gland) and developing your subconscious mind; or simply turning on your inner vision and becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of. The kingdom of heaven is truly within! We all have spiritual gifts that can and will help us navigate this earthly plane and beyond. Open up your Spirit Mind to the world of intuition, claircognizance (clear knowing), dreams, symbolism, mind elevation, channels, angels, spirit guides, signs, synchronicities and all the other wonderous phenomena! About S. Ali Myers (host) - Ali is a Metaphysics teacher, writer, speaker, and counselor specializing in the interfacing of consciousness with reality.

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Open Minds & Open Lines today on Mind Right Radio. Some topics we are building on are: spiritual punks, conscious etiquette, hell and/or heaven on earth and is there a way out. We will also have the lines open for the fam to... more

The Sun is probably the greatest source of energy on the planet. Cultivating a relationship with the Sun will help you grow in a rapid way. In this episode, we have the pleasure of having a Solar Adapt on the show. Pastor Jamil... more

Earth, is considered by many, to be a planet/place of suffering. We are familiar with the phrase, "Hell on Earth." During our lives, most will encounter or contend with some sort of trial, tribulation, or tragedy that seems almost... more

Open forum today on Mind Right Radio. We are also giving away prizes including a FREE "seat" in the upcoming online event, "Psychic Development Workshop". Topics today on the Open Forum: July 4th Numerology Most independent... more

How psychic are you? We all have a certain level of spiritual insight. Some more than others. However, each one of you have something that is easiest for you to tap into. There are general ways of increasing intuition and there are ways... more

Got a question? Get an answer. Call in number is 858-365-5534 to listen and/or ask a question. Sponsered by: EL9SHOP.COM

Direction, Guidance and Support are some of the biggest issues people deal with on the Path. We consciously know that we have a host of "friends" in the ethers or heavens. But, why does it seem like we are alone? Are there certain ways Spirit... more

We relate to people, places and things on a daily basis. Why does it seem like we get along with only certain types of people? Are there ways to change the vibration of relationships? Can we master the art of relating to other people? In... more

This week on Mind Right Radio, we will be welcoming the legendary Cozmokrat, Ra Akhu. Ra Akhu is the founder of Cozmophyzix which is Astrology on steroids! In this rare and special occasion, Ra will be sharing some of the first lesson... more