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There is a part of our psyche (mind) that is one with the Creator. When we tap into this higher part of ourselves we begin to see the true essence of all that is. This state is reached by activating your third eye (pineal gland) and developing your subconscious mind; or simply turning on your inner vision and becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of. The kingdom of heaven is truly within! We all have spiritual gifts that can and will help us navigate this earthly plane and beyond. Open up your Spirit Mind to the world of intuition, claircognizance (clear knowing), dreams, symbolism, mind elevation, channels, angels, spirit guides, signs, synchronicities and all the other wonderous phenomena! About S. Ali Myers (host) - Ali is a Metaphysics teacher, writer, speaker, and counselor specializing in the interfacing of consciousness with reality.

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There is an aspect of you physically and spiritually that is connected to each planet. In a sense, you are every planet. In this show, we will introduce various ways the planets affect us and how we use its energy. We will also share... more

Many people on the spiritual path are interested in past lives. Each lifetime is a continuation of the previous. In this episode, we will share how you can evaluate your current life to see what your past lives entailed. Is it possible to look... more

As Above, So Below and Above is boasting Meteor showers, portals, and major planetary alignments. So, Below is affected as well...some are experiencing enhanced dreams & meditations, emotions & moods, messages & guidance.... more

Many when they awaken feel like they have no support on the spiritual path. In fact, most people are ridiculed, shunned, and outcast for practicing spirituality as opposed to religion from family and friends. How can one get support on the... more

The month of August ushers itself in with a myriad of 8's and ends with the opening of an InnerGetic portal. The Lions Gate, the Sirius star, and the Karmic spirit of the 8 Universal year are aligning.........In this episode we will discuss the... more

Join Mind Right Radio on Sunday @ 11am EST as we welcome Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. of Hip Hop Therapeutic Holistic Hospital to discuss Spirit Attachments. Dr. Hawkins focuses on healing the physical body's blueprint/spiritual anatomy... more

The motion of the heavenly bodies (planets) embody the Laws of Correspondence and Rhythm. In this episode, we will discuss how you can correspond your intentions with magickal principles to manifest physical and spiritual things. There... more

The celestial world communicates with us in a myriad of ways. We will outline a few ways that Spirit speaks and share stories of our own. We will be opening the lines early to hear stories of signs, synchronicities, dreams, visions and the rest,... more

Welcome to the Mind Right Radio! Tune in every Sunday at 11 AM (EST) as we weave consciousness with reality for spiritual self-development. This Week: Mind Right Radio is excited to present the "Youniversal Laws Series". There are 7... more