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Unhooking yourself from the Matrix with Christopher - on Saturdays between 12-2pm EST (5-7pm GMT). For each show that I do there are lots of references that are put up for each individual show on my forum located at the URL above (the chain link icon). This allows you to follow along with me live (if there are any posted) or read at your own leisure when listening to the archives. The references are there to give you a more in depth understanding of the topic and seeing where all the information that I talk about comes from. What I do in each show is provide an overview of an area, connect the dots of what has been going on and provide references to back up what I am saying. I do this as a service to mankind and allow you to get up to speed in a very short period of time and not have you spend years doing what I did. Please take advantage of this service!

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I will go over last weeks nuggets of gold before getting into this weeks topic which is going over my experiences with the US (in)justice system. My first foray into the world of the abysmally corrupt justice system in America happened... more

First I will go over last week's Nuggets of Gold and then get into today's topic. Last week we had a caller that asked how can one spot the Caananites that Jerry was talking about. I thought that this would be a good topic for the show today... more

Today I have a new intro tune. So don't panic if the music you hear is not what you have heard in the past. I go over the golden nuggets from last week's show then get right in to today's show with my guest Jerry F. Kirk. The way out of the... more

I go over last week's golden nuggets and then spend 2 hours with you all sharing real life examples of the info that I have shared with everyone on the show over the last few months. These range from a 70 year old woman who looks... more

The golden nuggets are gone over from last week's show on communication and then the show proceeds with part 2 of the Secrets of Communication. I also provide another reference for you, the listeners, dealing with communication... more

I go over the golden nuggets for the show from the 5th July, which dealt with the body intelligence. Then we get into this week's show which is going to be about communication. Communicarion was something that I did not give much... more

I will go over the nuggets of gold for the last two weeks. Then we will get right into the topic of today's show. We have Elrisse back on today and she will be answering questions and talking about the Body's Intelligence. The Body itself... more

I may or may not go over last week's Golden Nuggets as I have not, as of Friday 27th June, had time to go over the show and extract them. Whether or not I do, this week's show will be an overview of all the shows to date as the... more

After the music intro stops there is silence for the first minute or so due to an error on my part because I have accidently muted myself! The show continues after this slip up... First I go over the golden nuggets for the 14th June. This week's... more