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Lorin Neikirk

Aspie Friendly - Practical Autism Solutions


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Striving to make the world more inclusive by changing the way people understand the thinking of people with autism. "Autistic Logic" is so frequently misunderstood that people with autism have special issues as children as well as adults, which cannot be addressed in conventional ways.

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Homework. Ever since public schools have been in existance it has probably been a source of contention between kids, parents and teachers. Unfortunately, for students with autism, the problem reaches much farther than the "I don't... more

In this episode of AspieFriendly, Lorin Neikirk explores a phenomenon that isn't often addressed: Invisible Autism. When someone knowing very little about autsim thinks about ASD, they usually think of children who spin and hand flap... more

Autism. Whether the stigma is overt, or a well-intended misunderstanding, the inaccurate perspective the majority of the world has about autism is costing us. And with economics as they are, is a problem worth solving. The rampant... more

With every New Year's Day, resolutions are made, and big changes are planned. It has been said that those with autism / Aspergers avoid changes, but is that "rumor" or "reality"? Tune in for the discussion about autism, changes, and the... more

Perseveration is an issue that affects not only adults and kids on the autism spectrum, but also those who interacts with them. Lorin Neikirk of Aspie Friendly (www.AspieFriendly.org) claims to have cracked the code that explains how and... more

Adults with Aspergers face some unique issues. Today we explore social, occupational and relationship issues (and more) with special guest, CEO of the non-profit organization Houston Aspies, Jeffrey Bottoms

In the second decade of life, young Aspies have unique experiences, exclusive of their NT siblings, friends, parents, and even their other Aspie friends! They/we know there is something quite different, even if it's not too upsetting! In this... more

Life is like a spider web: many delicate intersections out of our range of vision. It is this very "web" that enables the virtues we hold precious... Patience, Faith and Acceptance. Please call in to discuss the unfolding of life.

Ever wonder why it is that when it rains it pours? Either we are on a roll with "good stuff" or we can't catch a break. I'll tell you why... it's FEAR! Host Lorin Neikirk examines the ways we sabotage our own happiness when we act on... more
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