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We tackle issues such as science, logic, reason, politics, economics, law, foreign policy, and everything and anything in between.

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This week we'll be talking with Peter Boghossian, author of A Manual for Creating Atheists, philosophy professor, and reason activist.

This week we'll be discussing some common misconceptions about atheism, including: why we love to sin so damn much and how good babies taste. We'll also discuss different philosophical worldviews and how they coincide with... more

This week we'll be covering different forms of reasoning, logical fallacies, and how to illustrate basic but effective arguments.

This week we'll be discussing whether or not there's any legitimacy to the claim that religion has been the main cause of war throughout history. We'll cover examples like the Crusades and Northern Ireland, along with antitheistic... more

This week we'll be discussing the historical consensus that Jesus existed, why historian Richard Carrier and non-historian David Fitzgerald are wrong, and what people can learn from understanding how historical consensus is reached.

This week, we'll be discussing the most recent ruling by the Supreme Court which allows Hobby Lobby to not carry contraceptives because of deeply held religious beliefs.

This week we'll be discussing the religious indoctrination of children, the dangers behind it, and why children are better off being led down a path of reason and evidence as opposed to fear-based inculcation.

This week we'll be discussing homeopathy, its failures, and why people are so easily swindled into this brand of pseudoscience.

This week we'll be discussing conspiracy theories, the people who believe in them, and why thinking 9/11 was an inside job should make people question your sanity.

This week we'll be discussing why bad ideas deserve scrutiny, what it means to criticize an idea and (sometimes) the people who have them, and why criticizing shitty ideas is healthy.