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with Teresa Kuhn

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Sleep isn't typically something we put a lot of emphasis on, but it has a huge impact on our productivity and health. And sometimes, all it takes is a little extra comfort and support to help us relax and drift off into deep and revitalizing sleep.... more

re: Think asset PROTECTION is just for the Oprah's of the world? Think again... Let me ask you a few questions: Are you married? Do you drive a car? Own your own home? Do you have children under the age of 18? Own a business?... more

Teresa's guest is 8-time Ironman competitor, marathoner, author, and speak Tony Lillios. Tony is a longtime serial entrepreneur whose current vision includes coaching others to achieve entrepreneurial success though goal-seting. Says... more

re: investing is fraught with peril, but you CAN make it a little less undpredictable In these very weird economic times, you might be wondering how best to prepare for your financial future? Should you buy gold? Real estate? Collectibles?... more

re: Is it still possible to have privacy in the age of the internet? Cyber security expert Bryan Goldstein explains the nuts and bolts of cyber security and gives Teresa an eye-opening look at just how easy it is to have their identities stolen.... more

re: No politics... just real economics.. In this episode, Teresa interviews University of Chicago economics professor Dr. Casey Mulligan. Mulligan's research has included a thorough analysis of how Obamacare has impacted the US... more

Attn all you parents and grandparents, have you ever: Felt as if something's not quite right about America's system of MANDATORY education? Found yourself dismayed or perhaps even a bit alarmed at what your children have brought... more

re: live from the archives... When we first started Living Wealthy Radio, it was both digital and land based on Austin 1320 AM radio. It featured Teresa Kuhn and her sidekick, Tammy de Leeuw cogently cogitatating on today's thorniest... more

re: Legalize it? Whether you are for legalization or against it, it is almost certain that someone you know is being helped by medical cannabis. The movement for legalized marijuana is spreading across the nation, in spite of the recent... more

Do precious metals still have a place in the age of crypto-currencies? The advent of these new ways to buy and sell portend exciting times for investors. Still, it pays to understand the market factors before jumping in or... more