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with Teresa Kuhn

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Di YOU need an alternative to traditional banking? There is a SAFER way that lets you control your own cash.Check out Teresa's short video to learn more: https://financialsecurity.video/8387/70 On today's broadcast: Are check cashing... more

Probate can be expensive and take a long time. How will your family survive the wait? Check out Teresa's short video on LIVING TRUSTS. https://financialsecurity.video/8387/69 1 in 3 Americans NEEDS this.. check it... more

Want to get YOUR money under control? Check out Teresa's free money resources at : http://www.livingwealthyfinancial.com Are you always looking for ways to save money or protect your current assets? Are you the budgeting type,... more

...by popular demand.. Listen favorite Chris Martenson provides fascinating insights into what the future will look like in American and in the rest of the world, Automation is quickly outpacing our ability to create new jobs, leaving millions in... more

http://tinyurl.com/illgottengain In this special presentation from the Nestmann Group, Mark Nestmann explores civil asset forfeiture and discusses its' impact on ordinary Americans, the majority of whom have COMMITTED NO CRIMES AT... more

Do you have plenty of energy to get through your day and accomplish your goals every week? Do you look and feel as vibrant and healthy as you did ten years ago? Most people would probably say no. Productivity, energy levels, and... more

http://www.pfshield.com/ Our economy is heating up, and it might be tempting to assume your assets are safe and sound. But how much thought have you actually put into guarding your wealth and ensuring your estate is protected for your... more

https://www.lisaservon.com/ Why are so many Americans CHOOSING to leave big banks and use less conventional ways to control their finances? Why are even some Americans who consider themselves "middle class" utilizing the... more

https://www.nestmann.com/lp-wrad-sp-f101-0317 "The idea used to be, the more assets you have, the more freedom you enjoy to live as you want – get the best healthcare, take nice vacations, be able to choose the career you... more

An outspoken critic of both neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism, Paul Craig Roberts is an author, blogger, political and economic commentator who is also former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan.... more