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Action vs Reaction

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President-elect Donald J. Trump will be the president with the MOST executive experience ever.  He defeated over a dozen Republican’t pusillanimous pussies and successfully conducted a hostile takeover of the right-wing of the Imperial Party in Phase I.  He destroyed Crooked Hillary, the Marxist Media and beat the cheat in a rigged system in Phase II.  Now we enter Phase 2.5, the transition to power.  This is an even more dangerous phase of the counter-insurgency than before; in fact, the war has only just begun.  Our America First electoral victory will mean nothing if we allow the NWO mind-war perpetrated through the ‘free press’ to divide us against President Trump.

Washington, District of Corruption is a vile swamp…enter the Kraken and Drain the Swamp.  When we are behind enemy lines soaked in a swamp of deception, we have to keep the enemy off balance. Trump likes to be unpredictable; this is a useful tactic because all war is deception, and make no mistake, we are at war.   

Politics is about power; the oligarchs have it and you don’t.  Now we have an Emperor, he has an army and power may be ours to Make America Great Again.  That which occurs next is up to you.

The globalist establishment’s lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers on both the left and the right will go deeper in the Deep State apparatus hidden inside what appears to be the Federal Government and they will seek to undermine, thwart and defeat Trump and the America First movement.  Victory is ours, but only if we never let up.  Ladies and gentleman, we are at WAR. 

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