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We are adrift at sea and we’ve already hit the berg. Will we go down? Eventually, but it need not be now if Americans can be inspired to course-correct. We can’t go back and if go forward on the current course–we’re sunk. We need to revisit, restore and reapply the blueprint for these United States.

We haven’t applied the Constitutional blueprint in more than 100 years; we’re taking on water. The captain is a fool and the crew is an embedded bureaucracy of fools. The passengers have been numbed into complicity, passivity and ambivalence. In a high-pressure, stressful situation only cool heads with solid plans and the courage to execute them survive.

The media is controlled by corporations in bed with the government. The ‘prisoner’ exchange of 5 Taliban for 1 deserter is a legitimate story, but it is being used to obfuscate importantnews and pitting red team fans against blue team fans in a game of DISTRACTION!

Are you going to help them rearrange the deck chairs on a ship that has struck an iceberg and doesn’t have enough lifeboats, or are you going to do your best to man the stations with those who understand the Constitution and defend liberty. It is an iceberg, dahling and most of the damage is below the waterline. Don’t yell abandon ship or wait for a response to our distress call–get off your butt and fix it NOW!

Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of statism. Conservatives and libertarians MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government–it is up to you. End the imperialist police state and to defeat the Democrat-Socialists-first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

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