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War, Schism, Division & Surrender

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Libertys Thunder

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We are at war, not only with the myriad of foreign military adventures and total corporatization of our medical services and insurance industry; but also with the insurmountable debt and the very real threat of jihadism.  Most importantly, we are at war for the heart and soul of this republic.  As the duopoly furthers the agenda of the War Party, amnesty, corporatization of our health care, the near-complete police state and destruction of our currency we MUST focus on the real enemy and defeat the RINOs!  It doesn’t matter if you like the GOP or not, it is the only wing of the duopoly that has any champions of liberty in it.  The war is over whether or not it will actually be conservative.

“We are the party of the Constitution, the solemn compact which confirms our God-given individual rights and assures that all Americans stand equal before the law…it defines the purposes and limits of government and is the blueprint for ordered liberty that makes the U.S. the world’s freest, most stable, and most prosperous nation.” GOP Platform

All of that sounds good, unfortunately it is total bull. If you want this platform furthered then you must know the Republicans have surrendered!  But, this surrender is nothing more than a minor setback and a HUGE opportunity for the cause of liberty IF you capitalize on it and DEFEAT those who seek to destroy it. We will wage war against those who seek to fundamentally transform our republic into an Empire abroad and a police state at home.  Crush the RINOs.

Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of statism. Grassroots conservatives and libertarians  MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government.  End the welfare/warfare police state.  To defeat the Democrat-Socialists, first you MUST crush the RINOs, for liberty!