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A show that not only entertains but a show that educates and recognizes everyday people who do extraordinary things to make a difference.

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Black People say that they are being Racially Profiled and Mass Incarcerated via Prosecutor Miss-Conduct, Unfair Sentencing Laws and so on... They say they feel targeted, because every time they turn around, another Black Person as been unnecessarily killed by those they entrust to protect and serve them and no one is ever held accountable. Many White People agree, but there are also many White People who say Black People are simply pulling the race card. Well, which is it? A legitimate complaint or simply whining, crying and pulling the race card? Boy will we go deep into all the issues related to Police Brutality and the plight of Blacks/Minorities and White People in this nation. On Sunday, July 31st, at 6:00 E.S.T., just click this link or dial (818) 739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere. Then, just listen or dial 1 to join our on air conversation. Share this... We promise it will be a spirited discussion, full of education and enlightenment. And also networking for positive people who are trying to make a difference. This is your opportunity for your voice to be heard. Please don't pass this opportunity up!
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On April 2, 2002, Patricia Wlasiuk died. Her husband, Peter Wlasiuk, was tried and convicted of Murder. After 3 trials and 14 years in prison, Peter Wlasiuk says he deserves another day in court. Is this another example of a murderer, who... more

John Alite's story is truly unique. It is an inside look at the treacherous, double-dealing and corrupt world of the American Mafia in the 21st century. You want honor and loyalty, watch The Godfather. You want reality, talk to... more

What is this nation coming to? Politicians are talking about Japan paying for our protection and other talk that sounds like Isolationism or Protectionism. Talk that sounds like Religious Persecution, Separatism and downright Fascism. Banning... more

There has been a periodic and ongoing debate on our show concerning the viability of Black People and other Minorities participating in the Political Process, as well as the Government and Economic Systems of this nation. Many feel... more

Don't watch the news.... If you want to stay in a good mood. Don't listen to certain politicians or you will want to kill yourself. And even one or more of your friends, family members or co-workers never has anything but bad news. But are... more

WOW! What a year and what a week in Politics! New, shocking, extraordinary and sadening events. So much to discuss and so much at stake.... But the last thing we should do, is nothing... "Don't just sit there.. Do something!" Join 'The... more

What is the equation for love? It is one of the most difficult equations to solve. It is never as simple as 1+1=2, is it? And sometimes, the equation is quite-a-bit more complex. For example, 1+1+1x (2kids) x Frustration and divided by Time... more

On this coming Sunday, January 10th, at 6:00 PM, E.S.T., we discuss putting 2015 behind us and where we go from here... We talk about what's new in 'The Movement' and as always, we are open to your input. Just click this link or dial... more

This is a Special Broadcast: Many African Americans, who turned out in record numbers to elect and re-elect our first Black President are finding it difficult to see or understand how they have benefited. What has Mr. Obama done... more

Join us this week for JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.... Ridiculous News and our Books and Music that Change the WORLD' Segment and much, much, more... What a year 2015 was... On this show, we will remember and reflect on some of the biggest... more
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