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A show that not only entertains but a show that educates and recognizes everyday people who do extraordinary things to make a difference.

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The United States of America is loved by many, hated by many, admired by many and laughed at my many. The American People are often immitated, ridiculed, made fun of and looked at is violent, arrogant, greedy and sometimes as... more

Black People have the highest Unemployment Rates and Black Kids have the worse School Test Scores. Black Poeple and Minorities have the highest Drug Abuse Rates, the highest Incarceration Rates, the highest Gang Violence Rates,... more

What is the definition of the word Education? Is our society, we seem to have a very limited definition of the word, which centers on the traditional subjects of Math, English, Science, etc. But this limited definition is causing us to ignore the... more

Last week's show was so good that we know everyone didn't get to fully express themselves, so we will continue the discussion on this week's show. I recommend listening to last week's show, first, so that you are up to speed. But, if not, that... more

"To serve and protect" Really? All I seem to hear about these days are the stories of Death at the hands of those we count on to protect and serve us. Just the other day, a young man who was enrolled in College and prepared to start his first... more

The President's Pole Numbers are way down. There is havoc breaking out all around the world. Congress is suing the President and a lot of people feel he is a Kenyan Born, Socialist Terrorist, who has an evil plot to bankrupt America with... more

Diabetese, Heart Disease, Kidney Failure, Cancer, Obesity and a host of other diseases and illnesses are all related to what we consume. Studies show that what we consume not only impacts our physical health, but also our mental... more

Do you believe in Aliens? That's right; Aliens from Outer Space? Yes, we really are going to talk about this. But don't worry, I promise there will be more to this discussion than meets the eye. What if Aliens attacked Earth? Silly question?... more

Most of us, at one point or another, wind up asking or saying "Now ain't this some sh**...?!" (Excuse the language) Well, on this week's show, we will have some fun by sharing the things that make us ask or say "Now ain't this some... more

Attention all Liberals and Conservatives.... Here is your opportunity to let your voice be heard! Attention all those who wonder why you should care.... This show will be informative and educational. All you Obama Lovers and Haters... more
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