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Sunday May 1 - Are you 'Lukewarm' Christian or Not ???

  • Broadcast in Politics



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A Sunday Christian or Sunday morning Christian (also Once-a-weeker) is a derisive term used to refer to someone who typically goes to church on Sundays but does not strictly adhere to the doctrines or rules of the religion otherwise. The term is most often used by some Christians to deride someone whom they feel is lukewarm in the Christian faith. From their perspective, a "Sunday Christian" is attempting to cheat God by taking only those parts of the religion which are appealing or convenient without having to commit to anything. They believe the "Sunday Christian" is attempting to buy his/her way into heaven with a minimal amount of effort.

Other factors: actions, attitudes and good will rather than dogma. The person might also be simply paying lip service, attending church for familial or reputational purposes while otherwise not carrying the beliefs of the church as their own.
The term may also be used to describe people who apply double-standards to non-Christians, such as a person who justifies their political beliefs through the Bible but only attends church so that their hypocrisies are not noticed. This also ties into the idea of lip service.
So, if you are a christian, what are you exactly ? 100% Committed or the "Luke Warm" half-baked type. 
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