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Christmas Time For The Baby Jewsus.

  • Broadcast in Entertainment
James R Brayshaw

James R Brayshaw


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No matter what you or I think of the Christmas season, no one can deny its power. This holiday has been rocking the Globe for centuries. Who knew that a wee Jewish Jesus could affect the entire world and economy in such dynamic ways?


Do you celebrate or acknowledge Christmas? Is there a reason to reject this Festive Day and season or shall one embrace it wholeheartedly?


How about a third option? Can we stand to benefit by understanding Christmas and how it came to be the December 25 extravaganza?


Join Jim and Angellah to get in on one of the most entertaining, most balanced, least bitter, and most merry messages about Christmas. Can Christmas be salvaged from the talons of a world bent on excess and good feelings? On this show, we are going to look at the traditional story and hold it up to a few harmless questions. Today on the show we talk about the baby “Jewsus” and when his Birthday got transferred to a day that has been called pagan and of the devil. We find out what Pope B16 has to say about the confused birthday of Jesus.

We’ll take a look at some of the anti-Christmas groups and discuss how the famed December 25 day may be less connected to pagan assimilation and more connected to a  Jewish notion of cycles and the return of God’s redemption.


See You on Christmas Day for a festival of finding out about the most cherished Holiday. You thought you have heard it all before…well get in on this show to catch some of what is missing from the Christmas of our culture.