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Get ready to imagine things in a way most are to afraid to even consider. Hosted by the Author of four watershed books, this one-of-a-kind show gets to the bottom of a whole bunch of questions. James R. Brayshaw is a Canadian firefighter who has poured some cold water on Satan and the fire of Hell. Brayshaw heads up the assault on the idea of a supernatural Satan with scads of biblical reasoning. As the author of Imagine There's No Satan, Satan Christianity's Other God, and the much anticipated 'Who's The Devil Jesus Knew - Explaining Satan In The Gospels, and the 4th volume in the series " This Is It...Satan Is Finished!" Brayshaw delivers the goods on why Satan is not real. This entertaining author and researcher dissects a bucket full of other fascinating topics. James and his co-host Angellah, explore territory that angels have feared to tread…………………………………………………………………… ------------------ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/-------------------- No topic is too difficult or too offensive. The Brayshaws will fearlessly entertain and inform the listener on a host of topics. Relationship, religion, politics, and parenting are in for a serious scrutinizing. On The Imagine No Satan Show we get into topics and questions that culture and religion have been slow to address. Are you tired of scantily clad rhetoric? Tune in to find sensible answers to profound queries that have been weakly answered until now.

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Our meandering through Matthew takes us to many different passages that seem to show us Satan, Hell, and Demons are real. But is this what we are to make of the appearance of Beelzebub, unclean spirits, casting a body into Hell,... more

Have you heard the one about the herd of pigs walking along the plain innocently grazing and all of a sudden…BAM!... They get filled with demons and end up maniacally running down the bank and into the sea? The Gospels seem to spell... more

Sick or Possessed?…Maybe They're Both The Same Finding just the right medicine can be a life saver. But even the right medicine takes time to work. When we see a story in the bible of Jesus healing one who is demon possessed,... more

How can non-believers cast out devils in Jesus' name? Why do some who prophecy, remove devils, and do wonderful works in Jesus name end up getting the cold shoulder from Him? Why are there so many who invoke the powerful... more

Well how can you expect to get anything accomplished if there is a wildly antagonistic imp buzzing about your head? And just how could it possibly be that there was a hideous and frightfully powerful being harassing the Messiah... more

In a two millennia long trail of passing down the ?Good News? it is time we heard the Good news about Satan. That's right. I know, some of us can barely stand to say the name of Satan, thinking it is an invitation for him or his minion spirits to... more

The Origin of Evil. How did evil get into humanity? What if humans didn't exist? Would evil still be present? On this show, Jim and Angellah will set out in search of evil. Is evil something that is inside man, outside of man, or both? And... more

So this is Christmas, no one can deny the power of this Worldwide celebration. Few would deny that underneath it all there is a story about the Christ child. But beyond the simplicity of celebrating without questioning, are there truths about... more

There is no single book in the Bible that invokes greater imagery than the book of Revelation. Millions of people throughout history look to this book to explain to them what is going to happen in the end and what is happening right now. The... more

You are going to love this show! What is so hard about this. All we have to do is examine the texts in a way that shows us what the writer meant. We read News Papers like this and we read letters from family and friends like this. It is... more
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