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John Wallace

John Wallace


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The Democrats wanted 'NO GUNS FOR NEGROES' in the 1860's and now they want no guns for the rest of us in 2013.
Shortly after the end of the Civil War in the late 1860’s and early 1870’s, Democrat politicians in several of the former confederate states in the south passed legislation banning the possession of firearms by the newly freed black citizens in their respective states. The original “No Guns for Negroes” laws in these southern states were designed to keep the former black slaves in their place and under control, to prevent them from taking any retribution against their former slave owners and to figuratively keep the black people on the plantations. 
Many of these anti-gun laws directed at black citizens remained on the books well into the mid-20th century and these same type of restrictive laws ultimately became the basis for the Democrat party’s gun control legislation that has spread like a cancer to most of the Democrat controlled states and cities throughout the country. 
In America today, most law-abiding American citizens who happen to live in any Democrat controlled urban area of this country, are enied their constitutional right to defend themselves with a gun. The people living in these areas, from all races and ethnic backgrounds, have been subjected to gun control restrictions passed by local Democratic administrations over many years that were specifically designed to keep them under control on the new 21st century Democrat controlled plantations, without the rights that citizens in other parts of the country currently enjoy.
The real plan of the Democrat-Socialists is to completely disarm the people of America, just like Stalin, Hitler and Mao. It's not the control of guns that they are after - it's control of the People.