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    The libertarian Perspective on Gun Control

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    On tonight's episode of "The libertarian Perspective" the discussion will revolve around gun control issues with an emphasis on felons, school shootings and gun free zones.  Loki, Brandi and Robert will discuss these three issues. Casey Runyan, the man Alan Colmes outed as a felon, will be one of our guests tonight along with Rick Halle of the Gun Rights Coalition. 

    Listeners can call in to the show at (347) 850-1243 to offer their opinions.  So tune in and be part of the discussion tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern / 6:00 p.m. Pacific. 

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    Gun Control is a social problem

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    Gun Control is a social problem.........
    Don't ask Barrack the Lion Hearted......
    Ms. Hillary scores big in Vegas......
    Bernie is a Conscientious objector who
    Honeymooned in Moscow? He's toast......

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    Gun Control. Who is Targeting Whom?

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    Tonight's show will start with why we have gun conrol, history, why it is dangerous to "control" firearms, etc. We have included a guest that has over 30 years law enforcement experience, including SWAT experience. Fred Ramano is a CCW instructor, police officer, and SWAT member. He will join us in the second hour to tell us about CCW, continuing education, active shooter information about what to do after the threat is at your door, and why it is important that you be ready. Our country is at the brink and we need to make sure the citizens are given the truth.......without filters.

  • What About Gun Control?

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    MENTAL DIALOGUE is the RETURN OF INTELLIGENT RADIO as we push the envelope on the QUESTIONS AMERICA'S AFRAID TO ASK.  This Saturday (Oct 10) 10am-12noon EST, BLACK SOCRATES and co-host CHRISTY GAYNELL explore GUN CONTROL in America.  After the mass shooting in Oregon is BARACK OBAMA'S call for stricter GUN CONTROL laws warranted or just a tactic for the GOVERNMENT to disarm its citizens?  Should we ban automatic weapons, or does such a ban go against the spirit of the 2nd Ammendment only to leave good citizens unprotected from not only criminals, but the GOVERNMENT itself?  At the top of the 2nd hour for the MONEY & POWER 15 (11:00-11:15am EST), we bring on commodities trading advisor, MICHAEL SUTTLAR, to discuss the benefits of parents taking out LIFE INSURANCE,  especially on BLACK CHILDREN in places like CHICAGO, DETROIT, PHILADEPHIA, and any urban metro area with a high rate of GUN VIOLENCE.  "ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK"

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    Gun Control In America

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    On this October 4th edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing Gun Control In America.  In the aftermath of the shooting at the community college in Oregon, it is a time to take a look at the Gun Control issue. Also we will discussing the Syria issue and Russia's Response.  Join us live at 6pm for your weekly dose of Truth.

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    America in Bible Prophecy, Gun-Control, & the United Nations

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    Listen to Prophecy Quake LIVE starting @8:00 PM CST as we look at America in Bible prophecy and the TRUE identities of the Beast Kingdom and Mystery Babylon. We will also look at the situation in Oregon and why gun-control in America is such a big part of Satan's end-time agenda. It is time to understand that this sinister UN agenda goes back many years and was put forth in a US State Department in the 1960s. I believe this is the year that they evil globalists must create the chaos to bring forth their New World Order of the Antichrist. It is time to get prayed up and  to stand against this evil spirit moving through governments, corporations, and false religions like Islam and New Age myticism. We must boldly proclaim all the truths of the Bible and the powerful name of Jesus Christ to fight the war that is upon us. To listen by phone call 347-884-8566.

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    Is Gun Control The Answer or the Diversion?

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    We all know what's wrong. Ask anyone and they can point to guns, the economy, terrorism, unemployment, immigration...the list is seemingly endless. But like putting a band aid on the surface of an underlying bone disease...other than appearances not much gets fixed.

    It’s easy to respond to the latest act of senseless violence that occurred in Virginia yesterday by resurrecting the cry for gun control, but if our problems are so numerous and so easily identified, isn't it time we looked at root causes instead of symptoms?

    Tonight's show will explore not what's happening but the basis for it and the obstacles to getting beyond our current difficulties.


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    Gun Control

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    Today marks my first show. I would like to introduce myself and I will talk on what my review is on Obama's Gun Town Hall Meeting.

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     People are dying every second from a gun. Slogans like "Black Lives Matter" & "All Lives Matter" are today's new Bible Verses. Alot of us forget that a Gun doesn't fire without a human pulling the trigger.

         It should be no surprise that there will never be any real Gun Control laws. Seriously, if anyone who had a real say about us using guns really wanted us to stop using them they could just simply stop manufacturing them or make the cost of One bullet 1000 dollars.

     With that being said should we be practicing more Human Control then Gun Control? Lately this subject is as serious as politics and religion. Join Trent and myself on the "Your Energy Your World Show" as we discuss this topic... Listen Live or CALL


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    Gun Control And The Right to bear arms

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    Due to the rash of latest shootings all across the nation there has been a loud cry heard all across America demanding action. From victim families to politicians this a issue that continues to have citizens on edge from all walks of life. What should and can be done if anything? Does the government need to step in and demand stiffer gun control laws? What about the issue of mental illness in these shooting incidents? We will be discussing this and more Tuesday Night @7:30pm EST. Join us for this hot button topic. As always news sports and entertainment just like you like it. With a touch of attitude and comedy. Real talk all the time 100% Real Unpolished, unrehearsed, unapologetic. Real talk for real people. Don’t forget to call in and post your questions, opinions and more 347-637-3010. www.realtalkallthetime.com

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    Are Gun Control Laws Meant To Arm Whites And Disarm Blacks?

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    President Obama was literally moved to tears during his passionate speech on new gun control regulations, which the Nation listened to this past Tuesday with mixed emotions. White people want to have guns. But whites don't want Black people to have guns. Black people don't want guns in the hands of criminals in their community. But blacks also don't want to be unarmed sitting ducks while armed white supremist groups inflict genocide. So who are the "wrong people" that need to be kept away from gun ownership? How do we create a safe environment for everybody to live without fear of being gunned down. Retired police officer T C McCoy joins us to talk about gun control and urban violence.