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JD Blackstar

JD Blackstar


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Ks3 (Ks-cubed) = Keep safe, smart, strong! Our mission is to provide access to information and services that assist in enhancing the overall well-being of an individual or group. All subjects are viewed from a critical but balanced paradigm. We attempt to give as many countervailing points of view on any given subject as possible.

On-Demand Episodes

My guest will be herbalist Afiya Orora. We will discuss the complementary application of herbs. We will touch upon the strengths and limitations of herbal use as well as how to locate a qualified herbalist.

I and my co-host Gary Booker will discuss why some people, myself included, will not view any of the 2008 Olympic events in Beijing.

My Guest Sean Croxton aka Underground Wellness, will discuss amongst many topics: nutrition, fitness, processed foods quality exercise vs quantity exercise, metabolic typing.
JD Blackstar

Diet and processed foods

  • by JD Blackstar
I'm an unabashed advocate of a balanced omniverous diet. I'm an omnivore primarily for pragmatic purposes (essential amino acids, advanced physical activities, etcetera). That being said, one of the primary issues effecting ALL... more

What a new administration can and cannot change in the short term (1st 6 months). Featured guest: educator and community activist Gary Booker
JD Blackstar

Unions and the Electoral College

  • by JD Blackstar
This show went off almost flawlessly. I had no technical difficulties of which to speak. ;) Thanks to my highly knowledgeable guest we to touched upon most of the planned topics with a good deal of clarity. Many of the topics addressed... more

Our topics will include the efficacy of unions in the 21st Century. We will also discuss the electoral college. My scheduled guest is Elwood Thompson. Mr Thompson holds many hats. In addition to being a Labor Director, he is... more

Guest Gary Booker. We will discuss the pros and cons of an Omnivorous Diet.In addition we will focus on the benefits of an omnivorous diet in conjunction with a regular fitness program.
JD Blackstar

JD Blackstar's First Blogtalk Radio Show

  • by JD Blackstar
Salutations,While my initial show (June 6,2008) did not go off as smoothly as I would have liked I felt it was worth keeping. I understand technical difficulties will occur in a site of this nature, but I'm hoping things will be better this week.... more

My guests will include a public school math and special education instructor as well as a math and science tutor/home school instructor. We will discuss the pros and cons of public education, home schools and charter schools.