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What If You Just Imagine

What If You Just Imagine The Show that keeps your Imagination and Dreams Soaring


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"The elements of an extraordinary life, is to live the life you Imagined". Each week, the show chooses a topic and tells stories, conducts interviews, and shares insights of people who are vibrant and complex and emotionally rich.

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Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT also known as Tapping This Energy Healing System works using a series of finger tapping along starting and ending energy points to move blocked energy and help resolve emotional and physical issues.... more

Join Faye and Mary as they discuss how we all too often not realize the impact our life, our experieces, our smiles, our laughter and our unique talents that we share have touch the heart and soul of those we interact with, either daily or just... more

Exciting news! We are interviewing the one and only Nancy Beach. Come join Faye and Mary as they explore what makes Nancy so successful at helping her clients become their very best self. Nancy has been called a woman of many... more

Join Faye and Mary as they probe this topic of getting us all un stuck and moving toward our divine plan. Procrastination is an easy way that all of us get stuck. And yet, we may not even realize we're doing it. When we unknowingly act like an... more

The physical body may gently age but the life of the soul is eternally young and vibrate. Learn to live your best life from the ageless place of your beautiful divine soul .Mary's grandmother lived to be 109 but she never saw her as old but only... more

Ho'oponopono is a simple but profound tool that will open your heart to positive feelings of love and gratitude, for goodness and light. Come and listen in as Faye and Mary discuss the many benefits of this ancient Hawaiian practice for... more

Join Mary and Faye as Faye explains the many benefits of how Crystal Singing Bowls are more than just a fantastic meditation experience, it is a vibrational sound bath and energetic healing; with the sounds and the vibrations going into... more

Finding your breath; are you really breathing? Most of us don't truly breathe. Many of us are taking too shallow a breath all day, every day. Let's remedy that on today's show! Join Faye and Mary as they explore the power and healing of... more

Birthdays: we all have them yet many of us run and hide from them. Do you celebrate? Is it more of a secular celebration or a Spiritual one? Your birth was the beginning of your life. God created you to serve a purpose in this... more

We have all heard many comments over the years that confused us. Comments like: ?You would be so beautiful if you lost some weight.? ?You may want to tone down how smart you are. It's intimidating.? ?You are too spiritual. You need... more