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Fallen Angels, demons & giants as all hell breaks loose on the earth

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The Hagmann Report

The Hagmann Report


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Guests: Tim Alberino & Steve Quayle

f you’ve ever read or heard anything about the Illuminati, their bloodlines and the leaders of today, but do not understand (or never heard of) how the giants of Genesis 6, fallen angels and demons fit into this topic, then you really don’t understand the globalist agenda in terms of past, current and planned events or true biblical history. I can assure you that you are not alone, and I personally did not gain this understanding easily or without a significant amount of research and investigation. And… I’m still learning. Understanding the topic of fallen angels, giants, and demons in the context of the bloodline of Adam is the key to unlocking knowledge that few have, and thusly understanding just how far along we are on God’s timeline.

Moreover, you cannot separate the biblical topic of giants, demons and fallen angels from current and near-term Geo-political events, although “the illuminated” would certainly prefer that you did. So too would many mega-churches, televangelists, political figures, military leaders, and royalty. The reason? By understanding that the Holy Bible reveals the blueprints of the globalists, including their methods of madness, that the holy Bible is much more than some antiquated or obscure historical reference or even, as some might assert, a collection of fables, you will then better understand the events taking place around us. Events in the recent past will also be seen for what they actually are, and you will then have a better grasp of what lays ahead. You will gain a better understanding of what was actually taking place in the days leading to the flood of Noah’s time, and it might not be what you think.