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    Illuminati & the Middle East Chaos

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    Guest: Doc Marquis

    Website: www.itsagodthingproductions777.com

    The chaotic events now taking place throughout the Middle East, including the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa are not spontaneous or a product of random chance.

    At the epicenter of current events is the creation of a new power structure. The architects of this power structure are the globalists… the global elite, or the Illuminati as they are known.

    The plan is not new, nor is the power behind the New World Order. It’s the “old world order” that has birthed the New World Order and its leaders. And there is a plan.

    We’re taking a look at the larger picture with guest and Illuminati expert Doc Marquis during this episode.

    Episode sponsored, in part, by Blue Apron! Visit blue Apron HERE.

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    Dr.Jerry Williams covers Jade Helm and Walmart Closures. Then later Chemtrails,HARRP and more Hidden News unleashed and opened to you the Public from the Elite Globalists.


    Join us live right now listen...The phones will be open for you to listen or chat/comment.

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    Eugenics: The Plan to Kill Off Most of Us by The Globalists

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    If you have read the writings of the Elite they often talk about the desire to reduce world population to no more than 500 Million, perhaps even less.  There are probably literally thousands of publications were they talk about this.  As there are 7 Billion of us currently that means that they want to eliminate 6.5 Billion or more.

    To discuss this we have Max Igan of http://www.thecrowhouse.com/ .  Max is an musician and artist who often writes about what is REALLY going on.

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    Global Chaos & Domestic Destruction

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    Much of what we see taking place before us could have been stopped. It could have been stopped by exposing the truth about Obama. Instead, the truth about his roots and allegiance were deliberately hidden or called a distraction by the conservatives, or outright lies by the Marxists. This tactic allowed Obama and his circle of allies to capture the U.S. from within, and lead the world as a controlled operative of the CIA. Complicit with the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies, Obama and his handlers have created a fertile field of chaos that will lead to the birthing of a New World Order.

    We must continue to expose not just Obama, but ALL who facilitate him in our rapid descent into moral and spiritual darkness.


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    Cherubim Chariots - author Josh Peck explains higher dimension origins of UFOs

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    For years, the extraterrestrial hypothesis has dominated the field of ufology. However, there is another theory that might provide more substantial answers to the UFO phenomenon. In Cherubim Chariots, researcher and author Josh Peck explores the fringe of the extradimensional hypothesis to show the stunning possibility that UFOs and their pilots originate from a higher dimension. Discover answers to paradigm-shifting questions, such as:

    Were extradimensional craft and other-worldly beings reported in antiquity?
    Who are the mysterious cherubim and what is their role in the affairs of mankind?
    Did nonhuman entities leave behind evidence showing their extradimensional nature?
    Are higher dimensions interacting with our own?
    Are there prophecies pointing to a possible return of extradimensional beings?
    What is our true origin?
    How do we prepare for what is ahead?

    Is there an "alien deception" in our future? Will it be at the hands of the New World Order - the global elite? Are we close to some type of "announcement" that aliens are among us?

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    Full Spectrum Dominance: The Big Plan

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    As many people have noted the globalists plans for our future seem to affect ALL aspects of our lives.

    Why is that?

    Because of "Full Spectrum Dominance".  Basically, the elites want to control EVERY aspect of our lives and that is literally the term they coined for doing it.

    To discuss this we have 'William Engdahl of http://www.williamengdahl.com/ .  He has written a book on this subject called "Full Spectrum Dominance" along with several other books such as "Target China" and "Myths, Lies and Oil Wars"

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    The World Beyond Belief 129 The Who & Why's of 9/11 & Charlie Hebdo

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    Episode 129 January 17, 2015


    This week’s pod cast centers around the so called terrorist threat (soon to be called the extremist threat). We take a look at the original false flag that started the “war on terror” and examine the results of allowing this false flag not to be recognized. Moving on to the Charlie Hebdo false flag, our reaction could be somewhat the same, but times have changed, we are much more awakened and many see this stunt for what it really is – a ploy by the globalists to eliminate encryption, merge armies with police, demonize so called extremists (people who think) and increase the reach of the security state. If the Muslims want to take over the world – they are doing it simply with their birthrate. The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul Marko, Ph.D., author of Belief Magic, available from Amazon.com and http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com, home of Un-University, where you can find the work of various independant journalists and researchers. Please visit our YouTube channel: pineconeutopia to see many of our interviews, podcasts and videos and subscribe to our channel.

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    From Personal Health & Preparation to Pandemonium - Guest Ted Broer

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    Chemtrails and aerial spraying - I admit I was a "hard sell" and did not believe in chemtrails, even though they lined the skies like a tic-tac-toe game on a blue chalkboard. I thought they were normal contrails and not the delivery system of death they truly are. Moreover, I considered anyone, including my own adult son, who talked about such nonsense to be a fruit-loop. That is until I began doing my own research, and now I can say we've been gamed in a big way. This is not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. And... they are affecting our health.

    Ted Broer, founder of Healthmasters, talk show host, renowned speaker and author talks about everything from health and preparation to the predicted, coming pandemonium on the horizon planned by the globalists.

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    The Bigger Picture of the Paris Attack & What You Need to Know

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    The brutal and preplanned executions at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper in Paris by Muslim terrorists caused people to react with outrage.  Doug Hagmann lays out the facts as they have been presented, and facts that have yet to be made known. He and his son look beyond those facts, however, to provide listeners with the bigger picture of what we should expect in the not-too-distant future as a result of these murders.

    The murders in Paris are a particularly pivotal event, considering the aspect of freedom of speech and freedom of the press interwoven into this event. No one, however, seems to be focusing on the bigger picture. There is a larger war being waged, and such events as the Paris murders are being used as weapons in this war to establish limitations of our freedoms, ostensibly for the sake of our safety and social order. We are being played by the globalists who are using the contemptuous intolerance inherent in Islam against us.

    To survive, we need to understand the nature of the game and the bigger picture. Upon listening to this broadcast, the strategy, playbook, and the end-game objectives of those in power will become much clearer.

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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show - Black Wealth

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    Black Wealth: Lost Resources and Solutions to Poverty 

    Join Asha Zuri, Joseph Whitfield ,and Alex Primo for a thorough discussion on the history of white supremacists and racist globalists stealing wealth and resources from Black people across the globe and for some powerful solutions to counteract it.

    Black Wealth is a sensitive issue that we need to discuss. I know a lot of you are rich already,so you can skip this one. But the rest of us that need more money and a better living, need to tune in.

    "Perhaps no statistic better illustrates the enduring legacy of our country’s shameful history of treating black people as sub-citizens, sub-Americans, and sub-humans than the wealth gap," the Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote in his masterful essay, "The Case for Reparations." That gap, enormous and awful as it already was, has been growing since the recession. Last week, the Pew Research Center reported that the median white household was worth $141,900, 12.9 times more than the typical black household, which was worth just $11,000. In 2007, the ratio was 10 to one. The divide between white families and Hispanics was similar.

    In addition to the dismal state of Black Americans,we find overwhelming poverty attacking our brothers and sisters in Alkebulan also. 

    On this episode we will discuss the problem and the solution so join us Thursday at 9 pm EST by calling (917)889-2830 and enjoy the conversation.

    And as always,keep it clean and keep it on point.

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    The accelerated demise of the West

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    Who is behind the dismantling of the United States and the West? What forces are at work to take down the U.S. to create a global government? Why are people still believing in the Republican versus Democrat meme? Will we have presidential elections in 2016? How long will it be before the U.S. loses it's status as the power within the global economy? Are we seeing the power elite communicating with each other through images, pictues and symbols?  What is behind the doctrine of destrtuction taking place against those who seek the truth?

    We will address these issues and more to expose the end-game objectives and to provide information about what you can do to expose those behind the curtain.