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From days gone bye we have inherited something of great value that requires great effort to achieve.

Sometimes I think the effort is like ascending a great mountain that has such perils it takes local knowledge and preparation, a challenge so great, only teams can attempt the it.

While my heart and mind are strong, my legs have passed their time. If I attempted the peak I would eventually be found out to be a liability.  I am sure there are others in worse condition, blinded by the appetite for acclaim who will be found out when they put others at risk.

Do we have an appetite for great things or are we too old and past our prime?  Do we have strategists capable of the task?  Can we find able bodied brethren able to work as a time on a project that will occur only once in their lives?

Cynics would tell us, of course we do not? Are you daft? Go back to your milque toast and tea-you silly man.

Epicureans will tell us there is some evidence to suggest we do and can but there is also an equal volume of evidence to suggest otherwise.

What say the listeners of Masonic Home Companion?

If we want to grasp the opportunity of freemasonry in its fullness, we need to pull our organization together to support great ideas.  Our collective insight, sense of adventure, intelligence and confidence is not a flat line.   Who is it among us to say the level is static when everything about the Craft is vibrant and impressionistic. I put it to you, that the level is an average of peaks and valleys.  Such is the nature of our Order that while some must of necessary lead, we need to find that merit and willingly follow it.

A strong core of commited mason is out there waiting for to enhance the history of freemasonry. Some, may even think as I do, as hard as it is to believe, whie there are so many ready to dispute it,  that the best of freemasonry lies in the future.